ASP Javascript error

What is wrong with the following code ?  its for an ASP/Javascript page.

<%if ( isIPad() ) { %>
 code for text region here
<% } else { %>
 code for HTML editor here
<% } %>

-- this is the error ----

Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a138f'

Object expected

/bluedot/Intranet/Cases/Commentspop/AddComments.asp, line 497
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<script type="text/javascript"> // <![CDATA[
      if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') != -1) || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') != -1) || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPad') != -1)) {
            document.location = "";
      } // ]]>

you can use above code also as i understand you just want to redirect the user of ipad
AleksAuthor Commented:
No. I dont want to redirect. I want to display a form element if the user is NOT using ipad and another one if they are.
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