How to configure column in vbAccelerator Grid to Date Format in Outlook 2007 VBA

We have a successful vbAccelerator Grid working.  We were passing the ReceivedTime as a string.

All has been ok until we needed to sort by date.  Since it's in a string, it sort wrong,  For example, the string value of '3/3/12 1:30:13 PM' appears before '3/3/12 10:32:38 AM'.  

We are reading the following manner:   vReceived = itm.ReceivedTime

Since we need the column to be "Date/Time" format, can it be set in the Grid so the sort worked?
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Hi Remante,
Set ColumnFormatString Property to "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM" e.g.:
YourGridName.ColumnFormatString("received") = "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM"
(or set it in AddColumn Method)

ColumnFormatString - Gets/sets a format string used to format all of the text in the column
(remember that cell text is stored as a variant). Format strings are the same as those used in
the VB Format$ function.

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Set properties of the Column "received":
.ColumnFormatString("received") = "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM"
.ColumnSortType("received") = CCLSortDate
(You can also set it in AddColumn Method)

Add this after Grid is filled:
(replace vbalGrid1 with the name of your vbalGrid)
Call SortByColumn(vbalGrid1.ColumnIndex("received"))

Add this sub to your Form
Private Sub SortByColumn( _
                  ByVal nCol As Long _
  On Error GoTo Err_Handler
  Dim iSortIndex As Long
  Dim sTag As String
  'NOTE: replace vbalGrid1 with the name of your vbalGrid
  With vbalGrid1.SortObject
      ' See if this column is already in the sort object:
      iSortIndex = .IndexOf(nCol)
      If (iSortIndex = 0) Then
         ' If not, we add it:
         iSortIndex = .count + 1
         .SortColumn(iSortIndex) = nCol
      End If
      ' Determine which sort order to apply:
      sTag = vbalGrid1.ColumnTag(nCol)
      If (sTag = "") Then
         sTag = "DESC"
         .SortOrder(iSortIndex) = CCLOrderAscending
         sTag = ""
         .SortOrder(iSortIndex) = CCLOrderDescending
      End If
      vbalGrid1.ColumnTag(nCol) = sTag
      ' Set the type of sorting:
      .SortType(iSortIndex) = vbalGrid1.ColumnSortType(nCol)
  End With

  ' Do the sort:
  Me.MousePointer = vbHourglass
  Me.MousePointer = vbDefault
  Exit Sub

  Debug.Print "ERROR (SortByColumn): " & Err.Description
End Sub

You can call it also from ColumnClick event e.g.:
(Assuming you have set the Grid property HeaderButtons = True)
Private Sub vbalGrid1_ColumnClick(ByVal lCol As Long)
  Call SortByColumn(lCol)
End Sub
Hi Ramante,
uncomment this line in sub SortByColumn:
to allow that sort works well also with other columns.
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Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:

I have already answered this question in my other posts. Please be careful about duplicating the questions since you are wasting points.

janaAuthor Commented:
Hi craisin, true but that question is regarding sorting.  That is why I indicated that it pertain to my question of dates/configure.

Nevertheless, will try
janaAuthor Commented:
hi eemit, don't understand your post ID: 37828815 and ID: 37830105.  Are they related to Formatting the column to date?
Hi Ramante,
- I am assuming that your problem from this question has not been already solved.
- Solution for this Question is:
You have to sort Grid after it is initially filled (as stated in my post ID: 37828815)
... Are they related to Formatting the column to date?
- remember that cell text is stored as a variant
Set properties of the all you "Date" Columns:
.ColumnFormatString("YourDateColumnName") = "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM" 'or what you want
.ColumnSortType("YourDateColumnName") = CCLSortDate  'or e.g. CCLSortDateMinuteAccuracy

- Sort Grid (using Grid SortObject) e.g.:
  add column to sort object  'SortColumn'  (if this column is not already in the sort object),
  set SortOrder to CCLOrderAscending or CCLOrderDescending,
  set the type of sorting 'SortType' - (best way using .ColumnSortType Property or
      in AddColumn e.g.: eSortType:=CCLSortDate)
janaAuthor Commented:
You are correct; had to reread my question to see it.  I though it was only column format.
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Yes, I had already placed that in my code Ramante.

If you look at the bottom of "FillGrid" you see where the "Date" field is sorted via the
"Column_Click" routine. Another way of coding that would be to just repeat the sorting code, but it is more efficient to re-use code already written.

Have you tried my code yet? You seem to be asking questions all over the place when my posted code has solved all your problems already?


Public Sub FillGrid(nType As Integer)
  Dim olFolder    As Object
  Dim folderItems As Object
  Dim sorteditems As Object
  Dim strFilter   As String
  Dim itm         As Object
  Dim x           As Integer
  Dim str         As String
  Dim nFound      As Long
  Dim nItem       As Integer
  Dim cLblCaption As String
  Dim cScheme(2)  As String
  'only getting mail which is received
  Set olFolder = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
  Set folderItems = olFolder.Items

  'First display an empty grid then
  'stop screen from updating while data is added to screen
  DisplayEmptyGrid False
  UserForm1.gridItemsFound.Redraw = False

  If Len(Trim(UserForm1.txtSearch.Text)) > 0 Then
    If nType <= s_PROJECTS Then
      cScheme(s_PROJECTS) = "{00020329-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/Project"
      'cScheme(s_PROJECTS) = "urn:schemas:httpmail:project"
      cScheme(s_SUBJECTS) = "urn:schemas:httpmail:subject"
      strFilter = "@SQL=" & Chr(34) & cScheme(nType) & Chr(34) & " like " & "'%" & Trim(UserForm1.txtSearch.Text) & "%'"
      Set FilteredItems = olFolder.Items.Restrict(strFilter)
      If FilteredItems.Count > 0 Then
        For nItem = 1 To FilteredItems.Count
          AddData FilteredItems(nItem), nType
        UserForm1.gridItemsFound.ColumnSortOrder(i_RECEIVED) = CCLOrderDescending
        UserForm1.gridItemsFound.SortObject.SortColumn(i_RECEIVED) = 1
        'The type must be CClSortString to ensure formatting works correctly
        UserForm1.gridItemsFound.SortObject.SortType(i_RECEIVED) = CCLSortString
        DisplayEmptyGrid True
      End If
      HighLightRow 1
      If UserForm1.gridItemsFound.Rows > 0 Then
        UserForm1.gridItemsFound.SelectedCol = nType
        UserForm1.gridItemsFound.RowVisible(1) = True
      End If
      DisplayEmptyGrid True
    End If
    'update the indicator of number of records found
    nFound = FilteredItems.Count
    nFound = 0
    DisplayEmptyGrid True
  End If
  cLblCaption = CStr(nFound)

  Select Case nType

    Case s_SUBJECTS
      UserForm1.Label1.Caption = cLblCaption + " Subject" + IIf(nFound <> 1, "s", "") + " found"

    Case s_PROJECTS
      UserForm1.Label1.Caption = cLblCaption + " Project" + IIf(nFound <> 1, "s", "") + " found"

  End Select
  'This is where we now force a sort by clicking on the column head (twice)
  'to sort into descending order (remove the loop to sort into ascending order)
  For x = 1 To 2
    'clicking twice to ensure the latest date is at the top
    UserForm1.gridItemsFound_ColumnClick i_RECEIVED
  ''Now show the screen updated and refreshed
  UserForm1.gridItemsFound.Redraw = True

End Sub

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janaAuthor Commented:
You are correct, but since that sort didn't quite worked, I thought we needed to set the "format" for the column; that is why we placed this question.

But reading it, part of the question reads "...until we needed to sort by date".  That's why I was confused on why I asked eemit about his entries.  So you are correct, it seems i am duplicating question as you state in ID: 37831006.

Please excuse my ignorance in this; didn't meant to do this.  What we wanted with this question is to know that by Formatting the column would help the sort.

I would like to continue the sort part in the question placed, which I have still problem.

Will proceed close the question
janaAuthor Commented:
I am rewarding for format purpose.
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