How to get Disk metrics sitting in WPAR (AIX)?

What is the command to get the Disk metrics of that WPAR, sitting in WPAR?
What is the command to get the OS resource parameters of that WPAR, sitting in WPAR?

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I think you're emphasizing IBM AIX WPARS?

Since AIX 6.1 many performance tool work from inside a WPAR.

iostat had been disallowed, but since AIX 6.1 TL4 this restriction is removed.

These commands work in AIX 6.1/7.1 from inside a WPAR by displaying WPAR specific information

vmstat (limited)

These commands work as well and will display information pertinent to the WPAR:

hostname, hostid, ifconfig -l/-a, mount, ps, uname

There is a WPAR-specific command


It must be issued from the global environment and will give some useful information. See "man lswpar" for information about the various flags.

On the other hand, quite a lot of commands don't work in a WPAR due to insufficient access to the resources, be it virtual or real.

ioo - does not function in a WPAR
netstat - many flags are not supported: c,C,g,m,M,P,v,Z
no - does not function in a WPAR, except for "no -a"
schedo, vmo, wlpar commands - do not function in a WPAR.

Many commands issued from the global environment accept "-@ wparname" to display WPAR  specific information, while the same commands issued from the WPAR using this flag will fail.


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mohet01Author Commented:
Yes, We are looking for 6.1 IBM WPAR.

What is the command to get the Disk metrics of that WPAR, sitting in WPAR?
mohet01Author Commented:
What is TL4 in AIX 6.1 TL4?
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... if you have at least AIX 6.1 TL 4
mohet01Author Commented:
For disk metrics, Do we have an api that can be used to get info from WPAR?
Technology Level 4,  one of the major OS Update Packages, available from IBM Fix Central (if you're owning a license).
There is the perfstat library, contained in "bos.perf.libperfstat".

I don't think it contains WPAR specific disk metric interfaces,
but general disk metrics should work, even from within a WPAR.

See the docs below:
mohet01Author Commented:
What is the best resource link to know,
In AIX 6.1 TL4, how to get Disk/CPU/Mem/interface metrics of that WPAR sitting in WPAR?

We are open to know, if command or API available
Command: iostat
API: libperfstat


- Fix Central for OS updates:
- Infocenter for all about AIX:
mohet01Author Commented:
As you said libperfstat/iostat,
Do they provide disk usage metrics for the WPAR from where we are running the command/api?
iostat - yes

libperfstat - I think so, but please test.
mohet01Author Commented:
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