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Hello Experts,

I have an .txt file which contains .js contents and open it in word document. I would like to highlight the text which is not present between the double quotes. please find below the sample for this.

    BUTTON_SAVE         : "Save",
    BUTTON_OK           :       "OK",
    BUTTON_CANCEL       :       "Cancel",

Can you please suggest any word macro or .vbs file for this?

Thanks in Advance.
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It isn't clear exactly what you need to be highlighted. You can't highlight text which isn't present and anyway there are no empty quoted strings in your example.
ShaileshShindeAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts,

I would like to highlight the uppercase words that is [BUTTON_SAVE         :],  [BUTTON_OK           :] and leaving rest untouched...

If I may offer a (crude?) solution...

Assuming colons are uniquely dividing the content you WANT from the content you DON'T WANT, you can further separate them to facilitate Column-Mode selection:

1) Open your TXT file in Notepad++.
2) Find/Replace (CTRL+H)-- find[:]  replace[:\t\t\t\t\t]
-- Note: You need to specify Search Mode: Extended at the bottom of the Find box.
-- This will separate WANT from DON'T WANT by a large amount of dead space.
3) Turn word-wrap OFF (View menu > Word Wrap (you want it unchecked).
4) Use Column-Mode selection to grab the uppercase terms; either:
-- 4.a) Hold ALT+SHIFT while highlighting with the mouse.
-- 4.b) Hold ALT+SHIFT while using the arrow keys to highlight.
5) Copy and paste to new, or copy/select-all/paste to overwrite in existing file.
6) Finally, if there is any excess tabbing within the result, simply find[\t] replace[]

There are many other ways to manipulate a text file, including scripting (as you alluded to), but this can be done pretty quickly, and in a rather simple "usery" kinda way.  I hope it helps!
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ShaileshShindeAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts,

This works! However, the other engineers who is going to perform this task has requested for a MACRO or VBScript.

Try this macro:
Sub HL()
    Dim rng As Range
    Set rng = ActiveDocument.Range
    With rng.Find
        .MatchWildcards = True
        .Text = "(BUTTON_[A-Z ]{1,}):"
        Do While .Execute
            rng.HighlightColorIndex = wdYellow
            rng.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
            rng.End = ActiveDocument.Range.End
    End With
End Sub

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ShaileshShindeAuthor Commented:
Hello Expert,

can it be possible to remove the hardcoded text BUTTON from the line of code...and use regex instead.

.Text = "(BUTTON_[A-Z ]{1,}):"

The reason for this is we can use this for other file with same patterns but might have something else instead of "BUTTON".  

Word Wildcards act very much like Regex.

We would need to know the rules for what to find. The text "BUTTON_" is quite specific and defines precisely what is to be found.

This string: "[A-Z ]{1,}" will find any string of upper-case characters and spaces. Is the underscore always there and are the letters always upper-case? If so, you could try this:

.Text = "[A-Z]{1,}_[A-Z ]{1,}:"

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ShaileshShindeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Experts!
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