External mail not being delivered to user mailbox in SBS 2003 server

I have a cient with a SBS 2003 standard server with 5 users, we recently installed two new Windows 7 PC's for a couple of the clients and setup Outloook 2010 clients with cached mode on.

Although the users of the new PC's can send internal and external emails they only receive internal emails.  The other users on the network are working fine receiving external emails. I have tried turning of the cache mode and deleting the ost file then turning the ost file back on to no avail.  I have even tried re-creating the Outlook proofile for both users to no avail.

Sending test emails from an external email address to the affected users email addresses are recorded as being received at the domain sucessfully but do not show up in the mailbox.

Please can anyone help!!!
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Are they using SMTP or POP3?
Try logging onto OWA and see if email being delivered successfully. What happen if you send a email from affected machine, and reply to that email did the reply reach the end use?
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi  ormerodrutter

Thanks for the reply,

The exchange server is using SMTP only.  I have already tried logging into the effected emails accounts using OWA and the external emails are not showing in the mailboxes.  I have also checked the server logs aand there are no errors relating to this.

What also seems very strange I created a brand new account to test if the external emails are working and the email test I sent bounced back saying there was a SMTP error it could not find the address Yet I can send from the new account.

Do you think it could be to do with the mx records on the domain.  I have spoken to the guy who looks after the domain he says they have not changed?

Please help!!!

Any idea's !!!
You said
'Sending test emails from an external email address to the affected users email addresses are recorded as being received at the domain sucessfully but do not show up in the mailbox.'

On the next reply you say
'What also seems very strange I created a brand new account to test if the external emails are working and the email test I sent bounced back saying there was a SMTP error it could not find the address Yet I can send from the new account.'

These are conflicting statements, how do you know sending email from external are being received at the domain successfully?

Can you attach the SMTP bounce message for reference?
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squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
Sorry did not mean to confuse the issue, here is the bounced message:-

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      paulw@gallagherandcropton.co.uk on 10/04/2012 14:22
            There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server.  Please contact your system administrator.
            <redhot-networks.com #5.5.0 smtp;550 <paulw@gallagherandcropton.co.uk>: invalid address>
Are you using a SmartHost?
I see there are 2 MX records for your domain


These are smarthost records as 1and1.co.uk are a hosting company
You may need to create the accounts on the control panel on the hosting side to match the accounts you are creating on the server when you have a config like this

Have you access to your hosting control panel?
No it is no MX record otherwise none of user could get external email.

Go to ESM (Exchange System Manager) on server and expand until you see mailboxes. Send a few emails to affected account and see if number of Total Items changed. That way we can see if email reaches your server or not.

I believe you have already checked the Junk mail folders :)
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
There is no smarthost setup on the server itself is using DNS to route each address space in the SMTP connector.

 I do not have access the domain is managed by another company.  I have asked them to check the domain records.
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
I opened the Exchange server manager and expanded to see the mailboxes and then sent 5 emails to one of the affected accounts and checked the mailbox size and total items as suggested and no change in size. Rge emails do nt seem to be reaching the mailbox for some reason.

Each time I sent an email I requested a delivey notification which comes back as successful. see below

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Your message has been successfully relayed to the following recipients, but the requested delivery status notifications may not be generated by the destination.


Any idea's !!!
Ok your domain is gallagherandcropton.co.uk yes?(If not then my apologies, i took this domain from the bounce message you posted earlier)

The MX records for that domain resolve to


So you can still use DNS to route email to the rest of the world that is fine
But your MX record is what determines where external clients send their emails to
So unless your server where exchange is has the same IP as mx00.1and1.co.uk then emails are not sending DIRECTLY to your server - they are going to that hosting company

Has anything changed on the server that you know of?
You mentioned that the domain is managed by someone else - did you setup the internal SBS 2003 server? Or was this done by someone else?

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squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
I setup the internal sbs server back in 2007  there has not been any changes to the internal server that I know off.   The customer does not have me on a retainer they only contact me when they want something.

The only other thing I can think of the customers tape drive failed some time ago and they have not replaced it therefore the backps have not run on the server for a long time.

I have already advised the customer to get a replacement ASAP as this may affect the performancer of the Exchange server.
So normally when you create new user you just create in AD on the server and email starts working? When was the last time you created a new user?

With the MX record pointing to a seperate IP address I can't see how emails can be delivered to your server unless using a Smarthost, or a POP3 Connector to download from the host to the server

Your server has a different public IP than yes?
(Note I dont want your IP, just confirm that it is different)

And when you originally set it up you were not using smarthost? Did you manage the domain at that time? Possibly there is someone else managing the server now?
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
I created a new account today to test the Exchange server as stated before

"What also seems very strange I created a brand new account to test if the external emails are working and the email test I sent bounced back saying there was a SMTP error it could not find the address Yet I can send from the new account."

You are correct the Server fixed IP address which I can access the server remotely is different.

As I can remember when I setup the server it was not using a smarthost, normal administration of the server was undetaken buy the company itself.  The customer would norally call me if they want any changes made which was very Infrequent.
So IP was changed on the server, which leads me ot believe something else was also changed, definitely since MX controls where email is delivered to
Someone must have changed the smarthost on the server, or deleted something because it is now missing, I would see if you can talk to whoever looks after the domain to see if they can provide the details for the smarthost and you can then add it back into the server  

Note they might be able to advise as to what changed...
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will check with them
I just re-read your original post - you say the other users(i.e. not the new users) can receive emails fine?
Is there a POP3 connector on the server?
See attached image, thats the only other way I know of to get emails delivered if you are not using a smarthost...
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
I have checked again and the server is set to SMTP only no POP3 connector is set.
Then I have no idea how the other users are receiving emails!
Check with the client to see if there were other techs making changes, but the bounce message you are receiving is saying there is no such address which makes me think the users are setup on the hosting side as well as the server
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help,   I will chase up the guy who looks after the domain to see what he has to say and will post possible answers to this conundrum.
squashbertieOwnerAuthor Commented:
The domain records were incorrectly setup causing this problem got the guy who looks after the domain to set the MX records correctly and all is now working as expected.
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