Do I need cell service? SKYPE, Facetime, ipad, Communication Convergence

SKYPE can even port the existing cellular phone number, as well as, assign another 800 # using my business name.

At one time I thought that this would not be feasible as I was under the impression that one had to be a SKYPE member in order to use phone services. SKYPE to SKYPE is free, one can use the (term?) SMS/textging capability, and the phone fees outside of SKYPE are very reasonable. I guess one would have to keep a watchful eye as to use, but monitoring would not be too difficult since services are pre-paid per users denomination.  

Do I REALLY need to have cellular services that currently cost me about 100/month?

I was going to switch ATT to Verizon, but while my service was so poor through ATT, I began using my ipad along with SKYPE. It works GREAT!!  If I port my cell number to SKYPE I will not lose my business marketing contact numbers as currently posted.

Is there something that I have not considered? Are there even better methods to consider?
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The Most important consideration is that you will not be able to use Skype in a region where there is no Wifi Coverage or 3G/LTE services (which would again require a cell service provider like ATT and Verizon).

Other than that if you are in the US, use skype for unlimited outbound calls for only around $3/month which is unbeatable. Great service.
You should be able to port your number over with out any problem.  Once the number is ported, calls will start coming in through Skype.  You can also sign up for Skype Voicemail service.

In addition to installing Skype on your ipad, you can install it on an old android phone that has wifi even if the phone no longer has a cellular contract, you can use it for Skype.  You can install Skype on your PC and on all your devices.  When someone calls, all devices will ring simultaneously allowing you to answer on the device of your choice.

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PCknotsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Skype can do voice to text, or another 3rd party app required?
The method of texting would become the SKYPE IM?
So, another gap is that one would not have a texting feature, which MANY people use to communicate?
You did not mention any  contraindications to using solely SKYPE, other optional services/apps, or what options there are for having no WIFI.   Wireless card?   BUT then, we are back to having to use a carrier and paying another $50.00?

Hopefully, MANY will provide an opinion, option, resolution.

Thank you!
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PCknotsAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to respond to particular replies? I did not see wasiftoor earlier.

 Sorry......the editing buttons do not work for me. Uncertain why.   Tried to vary my font for conversation clarity.
I forgot , requires a WIFI  (VOIP) so an air card is not going to be an option!!   Anything other that I forgot?
I am trying to think of how often I am not near a WIFI, not too often.

Is anyone familiar with WIMAX?  We do not have it in this area. Good connection? Growing? Other services similar?  

Are you saying that 3G/LTE is an option, like tethering? Guess I do not understand 3G, 4G.....etc Thought it was speed transmitted cellular.  Can you assist?

What is your opinion of going SKYPE/VOIP and what about others similar?

"The Most important consideration is that you will not be able to use Skype in a region where there is no Wifi Coverage or 3G/LTE services (which would again require a cell service provider like ATT and Verizon).

Other than that if you are in the US, use skype for unlimited outbound calls for only around $3/month which is unbeatable. Great service."
PCknotsAuthor Commented:
SKYPE can be used on an OLD Android. HOW old must it be, or what feature?
Thank you
Lets answer your Android questions first: To run Skype on your Android phone, you will need a supported phone running Android OS version 2.1 or above with least 27MB of free memory space on your handset and 600Mhz or more processing power. The supported screen resolutions are 320x240, 240x400, 320x480, 800x480 and 850x480.

3G and LTE are wireless broadband internet services provide by cellular services providers like ATT and Verizon.

Skype can do texting as well.

I am also copying all US WiMax installations available in the US:

123Net Provides fixed WiMAX to primarily business customers in the Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor Areas of Michigan.[85]
Altazip, Inc. WiMAX in 3.65Ghz and 5.7Ghz Throughout a large area in Central Utah (Sevier, Wayne, Piute, Millard and Sanpete counties).
Antelecom, Inc. Broadband provides WiMAX service using the 3.65Ghz range in Southern California (North Los Angeles and Southern Kern counties).
AT&T Alaska offered WiMAX technology in the 2.3 GHz band in the Anchorage and Juneau areas. AT&T had multiple WiMAX trials in other areas in 2006.[86] AT&T owns additional 2.3 GHz spectrum in some Southern states.[citation needed]
Carrier Services Group holds licenses for 2.5&3.6 in several regions in Ohio Cleveland, Youngstown and Warren.
Clearwire held 2.5 GHz licenses in several regions, and announced a nationwide network. WiMAX deployments in 71 U.S. markets covering 110 million people were marketed under the brand CLEAR. At the end of 2008, Sprint Nextel merged their WiMAX operations (under the Xohm brand), with additional investment from five other technology companies to create a "new" Clearwire. Comcast, Sprint, and Time Warner Cable acting as wholesale providers provided access to the same underlying WiMAX network.[87]
Data Truck LLC[88] offers WiMax internet service to business and residential customers in and around Watertown, South Dakota.
Northern Michigan University, working with Intel, Lenovo, Motorola and Cisco, deployed a WiMAX network covering the City of Marquette, Michigan. Most of the City of Marquette has access to the WiMAX network, as well as some points as far south as Chocolay Township and west as Marquette Township. Currently,[when?] students and faculty of NMU have access to the network; along with certain city personnel.[89][90][91]
Polytechnic Institute of NYU has an experimental WiMAX network installed at their Brooklyn, New York campus.[citation needed]
Pulsestream Internet Services, LLC holds license for 3.65 GHz in US for its back hauls and some PTMP in Texas. They also run 5.2, 5.8 Wi-Fi networks in North Texas for Business VOIP and Broadband Services.[citation needed]
NetX Internet serves businesses in the Cleveland, Ohio area.[92]
Rainbow Broadband serves New York City businesses with WiMAX-based internet at speeds exceeding 100Mbit/s in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs (subject to line-of-sight limitations).[citation needed]
River Canyon Wireless Provides up to 2 Mbit/s point to multipoint with (up to) 8 Mbit/s burst Motorola Canopy internet service in Moab & Green River, Utah. Also has Redline based systems in Monticello, and Blanding, Utah, however, these systems do not support the 8 Mbit/s burst. Main service area is Moab, Utah.
Sioux Valley WiMAX[93] serves WiMAX to the Southeastern South Dakota communities of Brookings, Dell Rapids, Hartford, and Madison
Sling broadband offers WiMAX-based internet service to businesses in 6 US cities, including Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.
Spectral Networks is deploying a WiMAX network in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa.
Towerstream offers WiMAX-based internet service to businesses in 9 US cities, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Providence, San Francisco and Seattle.[citation needed]
University of Colorado at Boulder is working on providing WiMAX to a small area near campus.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is providing WiMAX service to student community within two-mile radius beyond the campus. In addition, the service has been expanded to the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory(MBL) and in a two-mile radius beyond MBL’s campus.
Xanadoo operates WiMAX networks in Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. They also run Navini Networks-based pre-WiMAX networks & have holdings in the 2.5 GHz spectrum in multiple markets in the midwest.[citation needed]

If you can provide your location. We can search for possible options there.
When I said old android, I just meant one that was out of contract that wasn't being used anymore.  Of course you could always get one with out a contract from eBay or where ever.  Yes, skype does texting.  You can try it from the app on your ipad or PC. Just send yourself a message and see what happens.  If you transfer your phone number to skype, it should look like it's coming from you on the caller id.
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