Can't get computer to recognize external hard drive

I've tried this on two computers... one running XP Home and one running XP Pro with the same results.

This is a brand new drive, a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex. I took it to a vendor who dumped a bunch of video files on it. Now I can't see it. Both computers will make the 'connect' noise as if they're going to recognize it but nothing else happens.

I went into 'My Computer' and went under 'Manage' and still can't see it.

Any assistance is very much appreciated!
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Maybe this will help

Why won’t my computer connect to GoFlex Home?
If you have installed the GoFlex Home software on your computer but it won’t connect to
GoFlex Home, check that your home network is working properly and that the GoFlex Home
device is properly connected and powered on. Make sure that the supplied Ethernet cable is
connected from GoFlex Home to your router.
If other computers are successfully connected to GoFlex Home, you may have exceeded the
number of computers allowed. GoFlex Home includes licenses for five computers. To add
another computer, you must either delete an existing user account (which disconnects their
computer) or upgrade to unlimited user accounts by subscribing to Seagate Share Pro. See
page 10 for more information.
Some virus protection and firewall software block network traffic for security purposes. If you
have such software running on your network, check to see if either may be blocking
communication. Create firewall exceptions for the GoFlex Home services if necessary. If you
need to add firewall exceptions, the GoFlex Home services are: memeo.exe, hipserv.exe,
and dashboard.exe.

The GoFlex Home network storage system is easy to use, but you may still have questions.
Go to if you have any problems setting up or using
your GoFlex Home network storage system.
sarasotamacIT ManagerCommented:
Take a look at this article..
If they wrote to the drive, but did not use the safely remove hardware feature, it's possible that the drive is corrupted.  Do you see the drive letter assigned to it?  If not, can you see it in disk management in control panel->administrative tools->computer management?

There is software, such as GetDataBack from and Recuva from, that can recover data from corrupted drives, but they work best if the drives are connected directly to the motherboard.
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spinsouthAuthor Commented:
When I plug it in, the computer makes the 'connect' sound. The drive is running and the light is on, but I cannot find it, even in disc management. It's simply not showing up. Again, I've tried it on 2 different PC's with the same results... one running XP Pro and one running XP Home.
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
If you are connecting in front USB port then I want you to connect it to backside USB ports which are directly to system board. Try this one time.
spinsouthAuthor Commented:
Tried connecting it to the back. Still does not show up. However, it DOES show under device manager.
sarasotamacIT ManagerCommented:
Try some other USB devices, like a flash drive. Does it seem like the USB ports are working fine? If everything else is fine, and you have tried 2 computers, then your drive is done. Contact their support for a new one!
spinsouthAuthor Commented:
Yes, other drives work fine. Man... I bought this drive and put a project on it but never used it. Now I need the info and this "new and used one time" drive won't work. I did contact Seagate and was pretty 'pissed' when all they could say was 'your drive is out of warranty'.
If it's out of warranty, you have nothing to lose by opening up the enclosure and try connecting directly to the motherboard.  The software I suggested may allow you to recover your data.
try to connect it with a powered USB hub like this :
it can be your computer does not provide enough power to the USB ports

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spinsouthAuthor Commented:
Nobus, that worked! Thanks so much!!!! I really appreciate the assistance!
i ALWAYS recommend using USB disk drives with their own power supply, and failing that, a powered hub
FYI : the USB BUS provides 5V at 0.5A = 2.5 W Max  - so it's easyly overloaded
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