How to sum col2 when col1 changes and then order in descending totals

I have a spreadsheet that has studentname in column 1, and scolarship amount in column2.
One student can get multiple scolarships.  I need to be able to sum column2 for each student, and the order the list in decending order of of each student's total

studenta         1,000    
studenta            300
studenta            200
studentb            500
studentc          1,000
studentc             700

desired results:

studentc          1,700
studenta          1,500
studentb             500
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If your data in column A starts in row 2, and you have, say 100 students (just change the 100 to the size of the row, or use A:A which is less efficient, but will include all the rows):

In F2:F4, you have:


Then in D2, you can use the formula:


and copy down for all your student names in column F.

See attached.

I was editing mine and couldn't submit.  now that you have the pivot option suggested....

Shanan212 - want to use my example, add a pivot table and put the sort in?


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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Alternative, certainly works in 2003.

Sort the data initially by student and then use the Subtotals wizard to add subtotals to the Amount column.

This will also add Outline Grouping icons down the left hand margin.

Collapse all the groups to show only Subtotals. Now select all the data and apply a Sort by amount. The groups will be moved as a block rather than individual lines.

Rob H
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
I'll pick up the pivot table invite using your file dave,
xls is also attached.

Pivot and formula solutions in one
ugh, forgot the sort, back in a minute

abgailAuthor Commented:
Using the pivot table, is there a way to sort by total?
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
yes see new image above and file attached here, you beat me to it while I was fixing that little matter.
abgailAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for abgail's comment #37834536

for the following reason:

This solution solved my problem.
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
Here's how you find the sort option, it's a bit buried, shout if you need guidance for a different version, this is from Excel 2008.Show sort in pivot table Excel 2008

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Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
abgail, I think you hit the wrong button there :-)
I'll ask a mod to pop in to help... when I figure out how..
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
I think abgail has pressed the wrong button, having done that myself on occasion. Anthony
abgailAuthor Commented:
Yes, I hit the wrong button.  I accepted your solution.

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