create a cursor for a record pl/sql

I am trying to write a wrapper code around a number of procedures that return a record as a data type, the wrapper needs to be able to return the record as a cursor


    ,  number_col   NUMBER(9)
    ,  varchar2_col  VARCHAR2(30) );

l_sqlstr      VARCHAR2(32000) ;

l_REC          l_REC1;
l_cur_1       sys_refcursor;
l_cur_2       sys_refcursor;

 l_sqlstr :=
      ' select   sysdate today_date, 12345 number_col , ''ABC'' varchar2_col
        from    from dual';

l_REC := NULL;  

OPEN l_cur_1 FOR l_sqlstr;
        FETCH l_cur_1INTO l_REC;
        EXIT WHEN  l_cur_%notfound;
    end loop;
CLOSE  l_cur_1;

-- at this point i have the data in l_REC
--but how do i do the reverse, assmume i have a l_REC data populated
--how do i create a sys_refcursor for the data in l_REC?

OPEN l_cur_2 for l_REC;


I would really return just the cursor l_cur_2, but hwo do i do that?
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAsked:
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
You cannot select from a record and turn it into a cursor.

Just open the curslt and return it:
OPEN l_cur_1 FOR l_sqlstr;

RETURN l_cur_1;

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Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
here is the problem with the solution you have propsed there are a number of functions that are already written in our application that really do the first part of returning a record ...

But now I am trying to create a wrapper around those function to retrun a cursor, becasue I need to pass a cursor to a vb program. I could look at re-writing the entire application, but I was looking for a way around the problem

If this cant be done then at least that one door that is shut
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
actually i have a work aournd, I am creating a different level of packages to just retrun the cursors, and this package is either called by the pl/sql program to return a record, or the vb program to return the cursor ...

it is a change but it should be fairly strait forward ...
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
stopped me going down a path that was futile
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