Incompatible applications

How can we make sure that the applications that dont run on windows 7 can still be available through citrix. we have some apps those only work on XP and dont work on Win 7.

Can we install the apps on XP machine and then publish that XP as a Published desktop throughh xenapp 6.5..

we are going to implement xenapp 6.5..any help that can provide us.
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Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
See if that application works on Windows server 2008 R2. If it does then problem is simple, you can virtualize them on Citrix XenApp 6.5 as a published application and deliver it to any end-devices. If not, you can use hosted VMs as said above or XenDesktop VDI can do this. But as XP reaches its EOL, test if that XP apps works on the server, then your problem is solved.
My approach is bit different this type of issues. Most of Windows XP based application can run smoothly on windows server 2003 sp 2. You can install Citrix xenapp 5 FP 2 on win 2k3sp2 and publish the application on it then use the same web interface that used to publish XA 6.5 Farm, to publish XA5 farm.  Then you can access both platforms from same web interface.

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It is almost guaranteed that if it doesn't run on Win7, it won't run on XA 6.5 (XA 6.5 is only on Win2k8 R2, which is the same code base as Win7).
As Gayan said, you should be able to run your app on a Win2k3 server and publish it from there.

Dirk KotteSECommented:
sometimes the compatibility mode do wonders.
try if the compatibility mode rum with windows 7 - if yes use win2008r2 with this settings.
(works for me and the support staff with some old apps)
publishing the app with windows xp is also a solution (how CarlWebster say) but more complex.
MOQINFRAAuthor Commented:
@CarlWebster is that we need XenDesktop environmnet for VM Hosted Apps

Is Sequenicing in citrix or APP-V a solution for this.
Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
VM Hosted Apps is based on using XenDesktop.

I don't use sequencing or profiling as none of my customers use it so I can't answer that.
Sequencing is the name/nick-name of processing applications through App-V for streaming.  I don't use it either, so I can't say much to it, other than having heard it works very well under a number of circumstances.

From a practical point of view:
If you go the XA on Win2k3 app, you only have enough instances to run the applications on your servers, and a lot of capacity.
If you go with XD and WinXP, you'll need 1 machine for each instance of the application *outside* of the 'normal' hosted desktops.  To me, this is a much more complicated solution, but it is entirely workable.

MOQINFRAAuthor Commented:
I just am a little Lost here  : But from all your comments i understand This:

1.We can use VM-Hosted Apps -- like have an XP machine and Publish it through Xenapp or something

Q: Do we need to install full XenDesktop environmnet for this ... we do not have Xen Desktop at all in our environment.

2.We can Add additional Farm based on xenApp 5 on windows 2003  and publish through same Web Interface --- This seems Good Solution but need to test if the apps work on windows 2003 server

Q: can we add a windows 2003 Server in an existing Xenapp 5 farm which has all the servers until now based on Windows 2008 . I havent tried adding Windows 2003 to that far,m , is it possible or i have to create a separate farm for windows 2003 servers
Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
1.  Yes, VM Hosted Apps uses XenDesktop.  In XenDesktop there is an option that says a VM is used for VM Hosted Apps.

2.  It is best if you have a separate farm for each OS and bitness.  Meaning, if I used Server 2003 32-bit and server 2003 64-bit, I would prefer to have two farms since programs will be installed in two different places depending on bitness.  i.e for 32-bit c:\program file\programname and for 64-bit c:\program file (x86)\programname.
If you don't have XD involved yet, I wouldn't.. it is an entire infrastructure to build, and it adds a substantial amount of complication.

Unlike Carl, I would not do 2 separate farms.. that means twice the admin work, or a lot of script writing, and with only 2 farms that is a lot of effort. And if you run mixed bitlevel platforms, you could be looking at 4 farms - again, a lot of effort.

You definitely need to test your apps on Win2k3 with XA5 and make sure they work, obviously :-)  And the way I handle the installation is to use a second disk for my XA servers, and i put the apps into d:\apps\program to keep it consistent.  

There should not really be an issue installing the Win2k3 XA5 servers into your Win2k8 XA5 farm.  I say it tentatively, because with mixed platforms, there is always a *chance* something could go wrong, but I've seen a number of mixed farms along these lines without any issue.  The biggest thing is that your Win2k8 servers will always be the DataCollectors, and that is what you want.. you'll point your WI servers, CSG and whatever else at those boxes.  (and for good practice, make sure you have a Win2k8 XA5 server as a 'dedicated' datacollector with no users on it).


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Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
But you run the risk of someone opening a policy or setting that is specific to 2008 from a 2003 mgmt console and really screwing things up.  I would not risk it.
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