Excel 2007 is acting crazy, columns of different numbers summed come up with same total

I have to columns of numbers that I am summing and both come up with the same total, but the totals should not be the same as they are completely different numbers. Could this be a virus and what should I do?

I am not attaching a file in the even it is a virus.
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Shanan212Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For me I am getting

for V column - the sum is
for W column - the sum is

In the link below - the user is setting formulas to 'Manual'. Check if yours is in Manual, if so then change it to automatic
try this formula for total

lets say your column 1 is column A and column 2 is column B

for A


for B

jlfcpa60Author Commented:
That made a difference so what is going on with Excel?
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Do not think its a virus. You may post a  sample if you wish! I am not sure how you are adding up the columns originally too.
jlfcpa60Author Commented:
I am attaching the workbook and you can see at the bottom where I have summed the numbers and it comes up with the same amount. It does the same thing on another  persons computer as well. The columns in question for this sample are V and W
jlfcpa60Author Commented:
Where do I set it to automatic. I was unaware I changed it?
The above link I posted is for 2007 and 2010

The below is for other older versions.
jlfcpa60Author Commented:
fast solution and I needed help fast
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