How to migrate from SBS 2008 to Windows 2008 exchange 2010

Can any one please guide me on how to migrate our SBS 2008 to Windows Standard 2008 or give me a detailed guide.

We already reached more than 90 users. I also want to know what could happen when we exceed the limit.

Thanks in advance,
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Are you going to be migrating Exchange and SharePoint as well?

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mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
Is it a problem to leave my windows SBS like this (more than 90 users)
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I dont think anything will "kill" your server, but your out of your licensing agreement.
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
But it is really important to migrate right now I expect the number will grow.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You only have the one server?

Given the limited information you've provided, the best I can do is suggest adding two 2008 R2 server, make one a DC and the other a member server. Install exchange 2010 on the member server and migrate your mailboxes off the SBS server.  Once done, transfer the FSMO roles from the SBS server to.the new DC as well as DHCP and make the new DC.a global catalog server (GC).  Once exchange has been migrated and the FSMO roles transferred, uninstall exchange from the SBS system, run dcpromo on the SBS system to demote it, and then remove it from the networks.

Of course, transfer any files and shared printers and applications before you transfer the FSMO roles.

And before you do anything, setup a test network and practice. If you can't, then hire an experienced consultant (unless of course you up a tech.mess while 90 people can't work).

Also, once you've got the experience from the test network, make certain you.have backups and that AD is haalthy before you proceed (for dxample, run DCDIAG on the SBS system before starting and clean up.any unexpected errors.  Then BEFORE Denoting SBS, run it again on both DCs to verify everything is working as expected.

Also consider getting the kit from
Then I would definitely migrate. Are you migrating Exchange and SharePoint as well?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It was really important to migrate 20 users ago BEFORE you exceeded licensing limits. Now, I don't think the server will do anything but if an annoyed (with your company) employee decides to report you to the BSA for a reward, you could be sued for thousands of dollars... And even spend thousands more on your own legal fees.
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure... what is the best choice???
I am asking, are you CURRENTLY using Exchange and Sharepoint on the SBS?
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you want to keep using them then you need to migrate them!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Or start over with them... and starting over would be INSANE for 90 users.
SharePoint is a big migration which I have never done from SBS to another server. Exchange is not so hard. Have you picked your licensing yet on the new servers? It is not going to be cheap! Do your bosses know?
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
sure I want to use them
you need the hardware, then sharepoint and all of the CALs- exchange 2010 and all of the CALs - Server 2008 r2 and all of the CALs
I would suggest at this point, if you are going to a new everything, to virtualize - ESX
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
Thank you all
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