how to maximum your app performance

i have this app that only uses 15% CPU base on whatever task manager is saying at the time that the app is running.  i have an i7 processor. how do i make my app to use more than 15% cpu when the app is running to make it run faster? thank you in advance

my app was written in vs2010
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well, may be that's enough for your apps processing....
people work hard to achieve less cpu usage for their Application....

i7 is too fast and too efficient to do simple tasks...
so its great that most of your job is done by using just 15% CPU...
Have you tried employing parallels in your program? That will definitely  make it run faster, if indeed there is scope to apply parallelism and thus make the program run faster.

You have to remember, your code is executed sequentially, however, if you apply parallel programing, then threads will be run in parallel (thus the CPU will work harder and the program execute faster!)

DISCLAIMER: Percentage of CPU usage by your program does NOT denote how fast / intensive that your programis running!

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StewSupportAuthor Commented:
what the app does is read pdf that could have 1000 pages. read each page, grab certain text on each page, split the page, sort the page and then merge it back in order. i'm runing 1100 pages and it is still running after 45 minutes. the reading, splitting was done in 25 minutes but merging seems to be taking a while.
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You definitely could do with parallel programming! (at least forthe merging part)
StewSupportAuthor Commented:
46 minute total. and not to mention i have ssd lol
StewSupportAuthor Commented:
so i guess i should do merging as read? but when i read i put the grabbed text into an array and sort them at the very end. if i sort as read would that slow it down even more now since i have to sort 1000 times instead of 1 time deal?
I really do not have a clue as to how your code is laid out and would be "poking about in the dark". Could you place some code here for us to pore over and also make suggestions?
I think its the PDF and the interop with PDF component part which is slow and I am afraid you would have no control on that.
StewSupportAuthor Commented:
not really the answer i'm looking for but i found that if i use it's native language (acrobat dll) it will improve this much better than using another party for spliiting pdf file.
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