What is the exact text of the ipad iclould "me.com".?

I could install this account, using me Ipad settings window, and make another mistake.  But since no one else on the web or in books takes the time to explain in detail what the heck they are talking or writing about,  I thought I would ask someone who knew?

In my opinion, the majority of  memos, blogs and books are written by people with less than 20  years experience in desktop support if any experience at all.  Otherwise the items would not be written as paragraphs of prose but rather as menu items from the app they are trying to explain.  And, with text detailing what to type in the windows.  That is the way you and I teach.  Probably because we have some experience struggling  with the problems under discussion.  They have not.  Sorry about that rant.

I have a comcast email account, and an email forwarding account from a canadian server.  I also have an Apple Id which is "hk@krsvp.com",  which is also my forwarding email account.  I run win7 and (outlook 2010 - for email only).   I send and recieve email daily from my ipad, downloading email  from the server only from the desktop running win 7.

What should my "me.com" look like after I type it in?

The only reason I want to set this up is for the ability to create email folders on my Ipad.
Is setting up this "me.com" going to be worth the grief just to get ipad email folders?

be well  be happy
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAsked:
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're asking how to make the iPad view of your Comcast mailbox look essentially the same as it does when you use Outlook to access the Comcast mailbox, including folders.  Is that what you'd like to do?

me.com is going to be a different mailbox, so you could use hk@me.com if nobody else is using that address, or make up some other name like hk399@me.com.  Apple has some odd requirements for using me.com and depending on what you're trying to do with iCloud, you may be forced into creating the me.com account.  But how it works and looks isn't related to your Comcast account and how that account looks & works across Outlook and the iPad.
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed-RetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks, you have answered my question.  Unfortunatly, now I got a couple of related questions.
First, that is what I needed to know.

Please correct me if my text book author is incorrect.  But I read I need Comcast, because @me.com cannot access a pop server.   If that is the case, then @me.com is hooking onto a desktop or laptop mail app and using that link to get mail.  Or is it just forwarding what has already been received on the laptop or desktop mail app?  My author is very unclear and I can't find alternative text books on the Icloud.  I would think that Apple would have designed @me.com to access a pop mail server.  In which case, I think, I understand.

Thanks again for your patience,

be well be happy
me.com does support POP access.  This article describes the steps to set it up:


Note that if you choose to use POP to retrieve your mail from an account, you also need to set up SMTP to send mail for the account (that link above has a link to setting up SMTP for me.com).

I'd suggest that you consider using IMAP instead of POP for all these accounts, will give you a better "mail experience", but you might not want to mess with things that are already working.  Your call.

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