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Hello Experts,

I have a machine with Vista Business that was exe's were working,etc.  So I had to reinstall Vista (repair wasn't available due to windows not working properly) which put the old "stuff" in the windows.old folder.  

I can see the messages in their folder but can't find the contacts folder, and the messages won't import into the new Vista Windows Mail program.  There is no import from Windows Mail to Windows Mail selection for the messages.  I don't know about the contacts since I can't seem to find them.

Is there a way to save/import the mesages and contacts if I can find them?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you have all the mail and related stuff, that is, all the folders of Windows Live Mail in Users, try copying the folders and files into the new machine in the same location. See below.

... Thinkpads_User
royalmAuthor Commented:
Hi Thinkpads_user,

I could not find any .contacts anywhere, in windows.old or the new Vista, so that idea is shot I'm sure.  However I did try copying the ....Local Folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc) over to the Users\name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsMail\Local Folder without any success.  I still have blank message folders in the Windows Mail program.

Would there be any advantage changing from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail to facilitate messages transfer?  Or any other decent Mail program?

I can actually open the messages and read them in windows.old, but no luck getting them imported so far.  Thanks for the idea, I sat down and tried it immediately upon reading your answer.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First, I am Windows 7 now and not Vista, and then, I use Microsoft Office, so I use Outlook for mail (and did when I had Vista).

Next: Decent mail programs.  Outlook is an excellent email program and keeps Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks in one PST file. It is easy to move and to backup/recover. It syncs with iPhone where Windows Mail in Vista will not.

Now to the mail issue:  If you moved the mail over, did you first have an account set up?  You need that for email to be recognized. I assume you might have the original folders, so be sure to keep them, and then you could try removing the Windows Mail profile and email (the stuff in the folders). Then restart the Vista machine, start Windows Mail, make and test the account and then, after that, move the files over that you need and see if that brings in the mail. My Vista virtual machine is in the middle of some extensive maintenance at this instant, but see if there is a maintenance function that would index the mail. I seem to recall one in Outlook Express.

Finally, I got the Windows Mail by importing from Outlook 2007 (on the Vista machine). Slim hope, but if you could find a spare Outlook machine, you might be able to import the Vista mail to Outlook and then take the PST file to your new Vista Machine and import.

Outlook seems like a better solution.

.... Thinkpads_User
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i use Windows 7 and Windows Mail - the contacts are in C:\Users\contacts
you can import them - or copy them
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
royalm - Any follow up with the information we gave you?

.... Thinkpads_User
royalmAuthor Commented:
Yes Thinkpads_user,

I have tried a few things like copying and going through the emails with my friend who owns the computer.  The copying didn't work, and we printed out the emails that she wanted so porting messages is unnecessary.  As for the addresses, I told her to begin a new contacts list by adding the senders as their emails appear in the inbox.

I just wondered at the time if there was an easy way to save her 'stuff' that would be faster than my solution.  Outlook is not an option...I dislike it about as much as you like it, it's more than any non-office user needs.  I am trying to talk her into letting me update her to 7 which would eliminate the horrible Vista mail program.

Thanks for the suggestions though, I did try going back to OE since that was closer to Mail than the others, and that didn't work either.  The almost crash may have caused more non O/S file degradation than was first thought which may have been the whole problem to begin with.


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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Windows 7 comes with Windows Live Mail which works decently well. With Office 2010, Outlook is excellent, so I am not sure what would keep you from using it. Outlook is vastly better at keep your email intact (whereas OE, Vista Mail and Windows Live Mail are not good at this).  

In Windows 7, you can also try Thunderbird as it works.

Please let us know.

... Thinkpads_User
royalmAuthor Commented:
The possible suggested quick processes for saving didn't work so I just started from scratch, basically, with all new messages and contacts.
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