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How to set Crystal Report Default connection to Integerated Security

How to set Crystal Report Default connection to Integerated Security as a default connection so it never asks for the Username and password and instead uses the login. I am using crystal report for VS2010.

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2 Solutions
I *think* you are talking about 2 different things.

It is better, I think, to let your Crystal Reports connection to sql server using SQL Server authentication mode.

This method is completely different from giving users access to crystal reports.

In your asp code, you can use windows integrated security mode to allow users access to the report.

So, in a nutshel, use Crystal Reports connection method to connect to sql server database.

Then use Windows Security to give users access to the report.

I hope this is clear. If not, let us know.
Seven priceFull StackCommented:
try this sample

  Dim rpt As New AccountingPassdue
        Dim myConnection As SqlClient.SqlConnection = New SqlClient.SqlConnection(HttpContext.Current.Application.Get("connectionstring"))

        Dim MyCommand As New SqlCommand("storedprocedure here", myConnection)
        Dim myDA As New SqlDataAdapter
        Dim myDS As New ConsolidatedStatement 'Dataset created
        '   Dim UserId As String
            'MyCommand.Connection = myConnection
            MyCommand.CommandText = "storedprocedure here" 'Stored Procedure
            MyCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
            MyCommand.Parameters.Add(New SqlParameter("@Customer", SqlDbType.Char, (6))).Value =

            myDA.SelectCommand = MyCommand
            myDA.Fill(myDS, "spA1SAccountReview")
            rpt.DataDefinition.SortFields(0).SortDirection = CrystalDecisions.Shared.SortDirection.AscendingOrder

            CrystalReportViewer7.ReportSource = rpt ' Connects to viewer using rpt
        Catch Excep As Exception
            'With Label2
            '    Label2.Visible = True
            '    .CssClass = "labelRed"
            '    .Text = Err.Description ""
            'End With

        End Try

        Dim oStream As MemoryStream
        ' using System.IO
        '  rpt.DataDefinition.SortFields("Billed").SortDirection = CrystalDecisions.Shared.SortDirection.AscendingOrder

        oStream = DirectCast(rpt.ExportToStream(CrystalDecisions.[Shared].ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat), MemoryStream)
        Response.Buffer = True
        Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
How did you set up the database connection for the report?

Is the SQL server setup for integrated security?

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pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
I added a group as the authorized user to have read and write access to the database. And added specific user to that group in the AD.
SO, HOW can I approach this then?
If you like to provide the code, PLEASE only C# since I have no idea about VB.NET.
You set report security when you create the connection to the report.

Seven priceFull StackCommented:
ConsolidatedPaidadj rpt = new ConsolidatedPaidadj();
SqlClient.SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlClient.SqlConnection(HttpContext.Current.Application.Get("ConnString"));

SqlCommand MyCommand = new SqlCommand("storedprocedure", myConnection);
SqlDataAdapter myDA = new SqlDataAdapter();
ConsolidatedStatement myDS = new ConsolidatedStatement();
//Dataset created
//   Dim UserId As String
try {
      //MyCommand.Connection = myConnection
      MyCommand.CommandText = "spA1SGetConsolidatedPaid";
      //Stored Procedure
      MyCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
      MyCommand.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@parameter", SqlDbType.Char, (6))).Value = yourvalue;
      myDA.SelectCommand = MyCommand;
      myDA.Fill(myDS, "spA1SGetConsolidatedPaid");
      CrystalReportViewer7.ReportSource = rpt;
      // Connects to viewer using rpt

catch (Exception Excep) {
            Label2.Visible = true;
            Label2.CssClass = "labelRed";
            Label2.Text = Err.Description;

pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
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