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We are in the process of testing Group Policy folder redirection (Application data, Desktop, My Documents and Start Menu) in our terminal server session for the purpose of migrating user profiles from a 2003 server to 2008.  Upon applying the policy I've noticed that everything that was in the 2003 profile (My Docs and Desktop) are available on the new profile, but they are duplicated.  So, everything that was in My Docs is now also on the Desktop, and everything that was on the Desktop is now also in My Docs.  There are also additional folders appeared on both the Desktop & My Docs called Identities, Microsoft and Programs. Is there a way that we could prevent these files and folders from duplicating?
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It is not clear to me whether you have a shortcut on the desktop for my counts that takes you to my documents or you are talking about an actual folder with the data which might be that you redirected them to within another?

Could you post the detail of the GPO settings?
Have the files and folders also, somehow, been migrated to the ALL USERS or DEFAULT user profile desktop folder? This would cause duplication.

Or, like Arnold said, are they 2 copies of the original files or one set of originals and one set of shortcuts?
vanderfieldAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses.
You are both right in saying that it isn't really a duplication of the files and folders, but a kind of shortcut pointing to the  network share where GPO has been set.  So the GPO has worked in that it has moved the users files and folders to the location specified in the GPO, but why is it putting these 'shortcuts' on both the desktop and in My Documents?  Please see screen shot of the desktop of one user with his My Documents displayed also.
I would have hoped that the files and folders that were on the desktop before the redirection would still be visible on the desktop only and the same for items that were in My Documents - not all items being displayed on both places.screenshot of desktop and My Docs
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Looks to me that there is some misconfiguration in the GPO. Are you abel to post the GPO redirection settings for My Docs and Desktop?
vanderfieldAuthor Commented:
Attached are the Desktop settings (capture1 and capture2).  The My Document settings are identical.
So, are these users using the same workstations they have always been using?
Do you use local or roaming profiles? Are the new 2008 server profiles pointing now to \\vanderbelt\TS_LProfiles\%username% ?  Were the old 2003 server profiles local profiles?

Could it be that the GPO is moving the files but also leaving the originals in place (as per your policy settings) making the duplicates (1 x local and 1 x server based/roaming) ?

If a user moves to a computer they have never logged onto before, do they still get the duplicates?
vanderfieldAuthor Commented:
To answer you questions one at a time....
1. All the users we have tried so far have been specifically created for testing this process.  None are actual users.  Remember these are dedicated terminal services profiles we are talking about (not workstation profiles), so I assume the workstation used should make no difference.
2. All the users have roaming profiles - so prior to setting up folder redirection (and prior to logging onto the 2008 server for the first time), they would have had a profile in Documents and Settings locally on the terminal server, and a roaming profile on a different server, synching at log on and log off.  We applied the folder redirection policy and logged these test users back onto the 2003 term server and got the problem I have described.  Then logged onto the 2008 term server and got the same problem.
3. I have checked the Documents and Settings folder for these users on the 2003 server and their My Docs and Desktop folders are no longer there in their profiles.

Hope this helps.
To be clear roaming profile user data is always on the server and being copied back and forth.

\\shareserver\sharename\userprofiles\%username% is the roaming profile location which includes my documents, application data, Desktop and Start menu

to where are you redirecting the folders? and what settings are you selecting for the action of the redirected folders?
Do you redirect all user's folders to the same location?
And how is that location defined? \\shareserver\sharename\userfolders\%username%\

Do you move the existing folder contents to the new location under settings of the redirect or do you leave it in place?

use GPMC
available but might not be installed on the win2k8.
Use the group policy results wizard and run it against the win2k3 terminal server and one of the test users. Then look at the user configuration\windows settings\folder redirection
Expand the four folder referenced earlier and post what your redirection settings are.
Example of a redirect setting for Application data
Folder Redirection
Application Data
Setting: Basic (Redirect everyone's folder to the same location)hide
Path: \\sharename\UserFolders\%USERNAME%\Application Data
Grant user exclusive rights to Application Data Disabled 
Move the contents of Application Data to the new location Enabled 
Policy Removal Behavior Restore contents 

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vanderfieldAuthor Commented:
I have decided not to apply folder redirection, we would be keeping the old terminal win2k3 and gradually transfer whatever the users requires from the old server to the new terminal server win2k8.
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