Exchange 2010 pop3 stripping attachments


I have a 3rd party system that connects to an exchange mailbox and downloads the message via pop3.

We had no issues when the system was connecting to our exchange 2003 system, but we have now upgraded to new exchange 2010 and certain emails with attachments are being stripped away.  It seems to be PDF and .doc, that when looking at the header it seems to effect messages with content-type/application octet-stream.

When I view the mail in outlook web access, I can view the attachment.

I even tried outlook, downloading via pop3 and it strips it, but doesn't if you connect via outlook as normal mailbox.

Please help.


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Victor TarasovConnect With a Mentor Head of the Department of System AdministrationCommented:
maybe try change pop2settings
looks like
Set-PopSettings -MessageRetrievalMimeFormat TextOnly
Victor TarasovHead of the Department of System AdministrationCommented:
Use MAPI rich text format set to never.
I had same problem on sent mail to contact.
philipfarnesAuthor Commented:
can i set that on a per mailbox setting..  i would not like to apply that for all?
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Victor TarasovHead of the Department of System AdministrationCommented:
only  power shell script
philipfarnesAuthor Commented:
Can you provide the command?
Victor TarasovHead of the Department of System AdministrationCommented:
Set-MailContact -UseMapiRichTextFormat 'Never' -Identity  blablabla
philipfarnesAuthor Commented:
Set-MailContact ??

its a mailbox that is having the issue.


It seems that the situation occurs in a mixed environment (Exchange 2010/2007/2003). Alle POP Clients used have the same problem.
Connection with telnet through port 110 shows that it is not a client related problem but a server related problem.
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