records are not displayed in table

In my applicatin i want to display order details in a table.. on 1 button's event i have wrote the code to display all the records.. and on other  for displayin order details between chosen dates..
i wrote the show_all code first ,it was workin properly until i wrote the chosen-dates code.
Now chosen-dates details r printed in the table but show_all details are not printed..
i am attaching both codes pls suggest a solution..
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AnuroopsunddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try  as below

dDateTo=  ????

SELECT * FROM ordertbl where ORDERDATE   BETWEEN " & dDateFrom & " AND " & dDateTo
daydreamer6565Author Commented:
the problem is wid show all details ..
the other one works fine..
daydreamer6565Author Commented:
I got the solution had used different table models for both the codes instead of same..
Great.. was just loooking throguh it..
daydreamer6565Author Commented:
k thanks il accept ur solution as u atleast tried..:)
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