blackberry not deliverying the messages to the distribution list of mail server

Dear Experts:

We have outsourced the mail serivces to the mail service provider they have hosted linux server in our network for fetching the messages and distribute across the users mail box, we have created distibution list and many contacts are added in this distribution list.

When users sends mail from the blackberry device to the distibution list, mails are not getting delivered distriubution list users .

But When the user sends the mail the distribution list the using email client from the notebook/workstation then the mail gets delivered for distribution list users.

Is it blackberry service will not allow mails to distribution list or is there any configuration to be done on the blackberry account.

Please help in resolving this.
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where is the blackberry server? i mean in your network or outsourced company?
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, thank you very much for the reply, blackberry server is of the service provider itself, here we use barthi airtel. Please help to reslove .
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Blackberry server is not with us we use the service provider. we have around 100 users using blackberry device.
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and distribution lists are on the linux box in your office not at your mail server..
when blackberry wants to send mail to distribtion list it tries against mail server where you do not have distribution list....

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From what I understand the distribution list is handled in the company that hosts your email servers. When you send an email through your client workstation the mail servers from the hosting company is being used while when you send an email through a blackberry device usually the mail server from blackberry is being used.
What kind of contract do you have with your telecommunications company regarding the blackberry mails?
Do you use your mail server as an outgoing mail server in the blackberries?
Please feedback.
so if you send email from to this distribution list do you get it?
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, service provider have given us two control panel one on their server for creating the accounts also creating ghe distribution list also another control panel for the fectch server located at our office. we have doen it on the both places still the same problem.

2. while configuring email account in the blackberry device mail host details it takes automatically as our fetchserver located at office. Please suggest. to resovle this .
ok. as per what you are menitioning it should work...
Just give a try to send by putting email address of the distribution group to send mail.
2. confirm you are able to send mail via yahoo or some external email address.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, in our localhost created the distribution/group ID  naming orangemgmt and added contacts for the same and in the service provider controlpanel created the  mail account as and use this email address to send the mails for the group of users , but not working

Please suggest
Can you detail out....
1. are you able to send mail from external website to this distribution group? eg: hotmail or yahoo...
As Anuroopsundd suggest try to check if you can send an email to the distribution list from any email account outside of you company (through yahoo for example)
in Blackberry go to settings->Email Settings  find your email account and click edit check that the outgoing server is the same as the on that you have in your office, validate also if you have the user name and password correctly set.
please feed back
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all for the support, finally could trace the issue in the control panel of the service provider instead of creating the DL (distribution List) user account was created tried deleting the user account and created group account (Distribution list) and added memebers/contacts for the same, just replicated as is of lacal fetch server.<br /><br />Now working fine .
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