New Install of XP loads a startup or service very slow...

I did a fresh install of XP pro. After login the desktop shows ok, but when I try to open any programs, nothing happens for about a minute until some service or startup finishes. Is there a simple way to tell which on it is?

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Have you installed the antivirus .? Did u check running any anti spyware on the machine .
I am not sure you computer configuration is, If the pc configuration is low, generally it will take time for the pc to boot up fully, suppose you try to open applications before it gets booted up fully it may not respond until boot up process in completed.

It normal for low configuration PC to behave this way.
did you install all the drivers for the mobo ?  if not -do that first
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ambantinAuthor Commented:
No AV,

never heard of a low configuration,

All drivers are installed,

One service/startup is hanging... I did MSCONFIG and disabled all of them and everything loaded quickly and ran programs
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
Increase your page file system, run "msconfig" and remove unnecessary start up scripts or programs and see if there are changes?
ambantinAuthor Commented:
"Is there a simple way to tell which service it is?"
Check the Computer Browser service and dependent service like server and workstation service is started.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
You can use tools like process explorer to monitor memory usage then decide which is offending service or process.
Whats you computer spec's \ configuration?
to t ell you which service is the cause - in mSCONFIG enable them one by one, or in groups till the problem reappears and refine then

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