Office 365 email metrics (response time, emails unanswered, etc)

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any way to get average response times (I mean the time between when an email is received to when it is replied to), numbers of emails unanswered at the end of a day, email received per day (per inbox), etc, for Office 365?

I don't think these stats are readily available, but can reports be scripted that would show these numbers?  Or is there a bolt-on solution?  Surprisingly difficult to find something that fits the bill...


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Office 365 does provide powerful Powershell functions for administration, but the default option is for administrators not to access ease mailbox (for privacy and security).

I don't believe these statistics are avialble.

Hope this helps
paulc2000Author Commented:
Thanks for that, can you explain what you mean, "the default option is for administrators not to access ease mailbox"?

Sorry for the delayed response.

Basically an Admin cannot access the items within a mailbox, without the users providing delegated rights


It looks like I have the perfect solution for you. It is a software called Time To Reply. I use this software for my customer service team and swear by it. It appear it has all the features you are looking for. I'll drop the link below so you can get on your way with it.

Christopher VanDemarkCommented:
If you are looking to track your own email response times with full analytics I recommend
They give great metrics for as many mailboxes you need. I have been using it for awhile now and it's been very beneficial
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