MS Exchange Server 2010 Crashed


last night my Exchange server 2010 crashed i.e. backup and mailbox database of server is also lost.

Only left thing is user local ost files.

I take some corrective measure and know we have designed new exchange server for organization.

Is there any hope to use this local ost file of each user and connect it to server so that we can get backup of each user emails.

Looking forward to your reply .

Thanks In advance

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James HIT DirectorCommented:
In this situation, what you need to do is convert that OST to PST or if your users still have Outlook open, take it offline and export everything to PST.
From there, once the new server is back up, just have the users import and it will re-sync with server (keep in mind that you will be uploading large amounts of data at one time, so spread it out if possible)
This will be a multi step approach:

1. Collect all the OST files from each users desktop
2. Make a copy of each OST to assure you always have an original copy
3. Use a utility to convert OST files to PST files or in the event that Cashed Exchange Mode is enabled, use Outlook to export each users email to a PST file
4. Put up a new exchange 2010 server and Mount a new DB
5. Recreate each account in Exchange 2010
6. Import each PST to corresponding account

Here are some resources you should review before completing any of these steps:

Convert OST File to PST using Outlook
Importing PST into Exchange 2010
OST to PST Tool (Not Suggested)

Create better backups, I suggest Acronis for Exchange. Very good and simple to use product. Store these backups into a NAS and Replicate them to another device off-site!!!!
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
I know this has nothing to do with the question however I've seen Acronis cause servers to crash (CKabs post) and its far from simple...simple when it works horrible when it doesn't and Acronis support is lousy (understatement), just think it's important to emphasize this but agree you need a better backup solution.
OTSSolutionsAuthor Commented:

You have mentioned taking Outlook offline and exporting to PST. Is that possible without any tool and just using outlook? Please give a reference link if possible. We so have an OST2PST converter and can use it, but it will take hassle of putting it on all PCs and do it one by one. Will be a charm if Outlook can do it on its own?

Off this, I read that OL2010 has functionality of putting multiple mailboxes in same profile. Is that an option to have new profile DB setup in the same profile and then ask the users to move the items to new profile? Is it possible? Anyone tried it?

We now moving to a RAID with external backup. Has been a big loss so far :(
James HIT DirectorCommented:
Adding another box won't work in this case.
Once you take Outlook offline (File - Work Offline) you can just go through the normal export process (File -- Options -- Advanced -- Export) from Outlook and save to PST.
Really that's all there is to this.
I had to go through the same process with a client who's server was hacked and all information stores and backups were deleted.

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