XEN to Hyper-V

How can I convert a VM running on Suse 10.2 XEN to a VM on MS 2008 r2 Hyper-V>
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James HConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
You will have to follow these steps since this is a non-Windows OS.

GJLyonsAuthor Commented:
Am I to assume that the statement:

SCVMM only converts virtual machines with Windows operating systems installed.  And XenConvert is designed for Windows OSes only as well

refers to the VM to be converted needs to be a Windows OS?  

In my case it's a Server 2003.
James HIT DirectorCommented:
Yes, that is correct. You can use SCVMM to convert this server to Hyper-V.
GJLyonsAuthor Commented:
I would give the answer an EXCELLENT rating except I haven't actually tried it but I believe this is the solution I'm looking for.
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