Outlook 2007 Won't Connect to Exchange Server


I have a user outside of our LAN, he's in CA we are in TX.  He has Outlook 2007 our Exchange server is 2003.

Recently, when he started opening his email client, it says disconnected on the bottom right hand corner.  

One of the things I did to troubleshoot was, I deleted his profile and added him back.   I manually entered our mail server name (mail.yourdomain.com) and his username and it looked like it accepted it.

When I went to open outlook, I got the following error:

The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

Bottom line is that Outlook won't even open.  Did I miss a step somewhere?

Please help.  THANKS!
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Have there been any chnages to the firewalls the connection has to pass through? For example, has your remote user changed or updated the firewall software on his computer, or at his office?
James HIT DirectorCommented:
Assuming here you are using RPC over HTTP.
You will have to add the proxy server to the user profile.

Go back into control panel - mail - accounts and edit his account
Server : servername.local
Username: domain\user

Click on More Settings
Click on connections
Check off "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP"
Click on the exchange proxy settings button

From there type in your OWA URL (with https://) for both boxes (checking on SSL and mutual authentication)

The last option is to select your authentication: BASIC or NTLM... you will need to know this or just try one and if you keep getting prompted for a password, try the other option.
JParra72Author Commented:
Is there something on the Exchange side that I can check if we are set up as RPC over HTTP?  I know we have OWA set up.  Please forgive me, I'm limited in my knowledge.
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JParra72Author Commented:
firewall software on client computer has not changed or been updated.
JParra72Author Commented:
OK, RPC over HTTP is set up on our server.
JParra72Author Commented:
@Spartan_1337  Questions regarding your instructions:

our server name is mail.ourdomain.com, I should change that to mail.ourdomain.local?

The username is LBundy so that should change to ourdomain\Lubundy?
James HIT DirectorCommented:
The internal name... FQDN
JParra72Author Commented:
I used the the FQDN for our server and followed your instructions.  I still get the same error
James HIT DirectorCommented:
Run Outlook anywhere test from here:


Use the same information and post results

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JParra72Author Commented:
It falied the test with basic authentication.  I think it had to do with SSL certifiacte trust failure.

No what.  Thanks
JParra72Author Commented:
Ok I configured the following:

I entered the server name
and user name and everything else.  Now I get this error.

Cannot Open your default email folder.  You must connect to Microsoft Exchange with the current profile before you can synchronize your folders with your offline folder file.
James HIT DirectorCommented:
Close Outlook and make sure there are no instances running.
Create another profile and try the connection again.
JParra72Author Commented:
Thanks Spartan,

I did all the steps you suggested still did not work.  I asked a colleague to try to create another profile from his machine outside of the network, and he could not get it to work.  

We concluded that it had something to do with the Exchange server.  I rebooted the server and the email profiles worked.  Thanks for your help
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