Outlook 2010 - Design a Form

Hello, Experts!

Right now, whenever we hire a new employee, the users re-use the same free-form message with employee information to disseminate to different departments.  I'm trying to make a Form that users can fill out properly with pull-down selections, etc.

We have an Exchange 2003 server.  I tried to Design a Form from a Message Form in Outlook 2010, added some custom fields and even created a separate Compose and Read page (that are nearly identical).  I also hard-coded the To: address with my address for testing.

However, when I open the custom form, fill in some information click Send, it shows the standard E-mail message with the Message Body instead of the fields I added to the Read page.  Any idea why it might be doing that?
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, wchestnut.

Where are you looking at the message after sending: on the same machine you built the form on or a different machine?  If it's the latter, then have you published the form to that computer?
wchestnutAuthor Commented:
No, I'm sending it to myself on the same machine.  I haven't completed the final look of the form, so as I was working on it, I wanted to send a copy to myself to see what it would look like so far.

To me, it's a little confusing on where everything gets "Published".  I found some instructions on the Internet about creating a Public Folder so that's where I put it.  But when I go to open it, I'm finding it in Outlook:\\Custom Forms which seems to be the same location as Public Folders\Custom Forms since the Last Modified date/time are the same.  Maybe I'm not publishing it in the right place?

If you have a good source for creating Forms using Outlook 2010 with an Exchange 2003 Server (upgrading to 2010 in the next month), that's be great.
David LeeCommented:
For testing purposes you should publish the form to your personal forms library.  If you plan to use the form in an office, then when you're ready to go to production you should publish the form to the organizational forms library.

This is the best online resource source I know of for custom Outlook forms: http://www.outlookcode.com/article.aspx?ID=35
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wchestnutAuthor Commented:
So if I publish it into my Personal Forms Library first while I'm working on it, then Open and Send to to myself, the Read view should work then?

I think another problem I'm having is that when I go to Publish, I only have the following options in the pull-down:

    Personal Forms Library
    Outlook Folders
    Custom Forms

Should I be seeing an "Organizational Forms Library"?
David LeeCommented:
Yes, it should.  

The organizational form library may not have been created on your company's Exchange server or you may not have been given permission to publish to it.  You should check with your email admin.
wchestnutAuthor Commented:
I am the domain and email admin. : )  Do you know what I need to look for in Exchange Manager (2003)?
David LeeCommented:
Sorry, I don't.  I'm not that deep into Exchange.  Perhaps this will help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/244591

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wchestnutAuthor Commented:
That did help!  I created a Company Forms folder in the EFORMS REGISTRY, but it's not appearing the pull-down when posting.  Maybe I have to stop/restart Exchange.

But I did Post the form in my Personal Forms Library, sent a test and received it as expected so we're close!  I'll let you know if I can get the new Company Forms folder to show up.
David LeeCommented:
Good deal!
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