Windows 7 64 bit - Random Freezing

I have a network with about 15 computers all running Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1. They are connected and joined to a local domain running SBS 2008 on a VMware server (ESxi).

Three computers on the network are experiencing random freezing where I have to manually shut the computers down and reboot them. The freezing happens 1-3 times every hour and doesn't seem to be related to a specific action or application the user is doing or working with. It started with just one computer and after scanning for viruses running hardware diagnostics with no results I figured it still must be hardware related. Then the exact same problem happened on a second computer... and now a third. Don't think it is a hardware problem anymore.

Event logs are mostly clean. I did see one error event id 1001 bugcheck error 9087.

Very strange...
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Here's how some resolved similar problems

.I just reduced my overclock a bit and the problem went away. I suspect you are right...x64 is putting a lot more stress on certain components.

This problem was solved by me. The BSOD's when moving files accross the LAN was my clue. I realized that anytime Ram was being used over a certain percentage that the crashing would begin. So I summized that Windows 7 puts more stress on the memory controller and the north bridge than Vista does. Although my system did BSOD when doing other things also or even when doing nothing at all.

I simply raised the voltage of the MCP,FSB,and Ram voltage,just one notch up for each and this problem went away almost like magic perminately and forever.

**completely fixed my issue.** I manually re-enabled hibernation (don't know how it was disabled to begin with) from the command prompt. Ever since I did this, I have yet to have a BSoD. (I've had a few freezing issues, mainly related to things like burning lightscribe labels, but none of the Kernel-Power issues).
oetccAuthor Commented:
Overclocking and memory related problems don't make any sense... first of all it is happening on 3 computers not just 1. Secondly these are Dell computers and have never been overclocked. They have been stable for the past 2 years and now all of a sudden 3 computers start freezing? Sounds more like a windows update or something of that sort...
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Were they always Win7 64 bit or have they been upgraded recently?
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oetccAuthor Commented:
Always win7 never upgraded.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
I would check for driver upgrades starting with video. The other PCs all running the same set of software? Anything unusual about the ones that crash compared to those that don't?
oetccAuthor Commented:
video driver not recently upgraded just checked... other PCs are running same software. Nothing unusual that's why this is so weird.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Any driver upgrades available? Heat issues maybe? BIOS all the same?

Which Dell PC is it? Maybe there's some issues with this particular model and Win 7.

You could also restore the PC to a previous state when it wasn't crashing. Likewise you can use msconfig to turn off startup to test.

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oetccAuthor Commented:
Looks like a service which automatically started at startup caused the problem. I am still determining the exact service but basically I went into msconfig and disabled all services at startup except the Microsoft ones and the problem went away. I am now in the process of enabling all services one by one until I figure out which one caused the system to freeze.
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