iCloud and iPhone 3GS

I've finally upgraded my iPhone 3GS to the latest version (from Oct 2011) to now have iCloud on my phone.

1. Do apps get stored in iCloud and sync'd with the phone?

2. Do music files get stored in iCloud if they were not purchased from iTunes?

3.  In iTunes, should any of the backup or sync options still be checked

4. Other than updating the latest apps from the iphone app store, how can I update thison the mac in iTunes first for large GPS apps like TomTom as it keeps timing out on my phone due to the 1.x gb size.  I cant find an option in iTunes to download it via the computer and then sync it (assuming you can still sync apps with a cable and a mac?)

5. My iphone photo steam says it only uploads and stores the last 30-days of photos and downloads them to all my devices.  So what does this mean, my photos are not being backed up to iCloud?
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Your app data gets stored in iCloud.  If you restore the phone from iCloud, you'll restore your apps and data.

Your music purchased on iTunes gets stored in the cloud.  Actually, it's not stored in the cloud, but the HISTORY of what you've purchased is stored in the cloud, which means that any of your devices can download anything you've purchased, as many times as you need to.

Your non-iTunes-purchased music is not stored in the cloud, but for $25 you can subscribe to iTunes Match, which also doesn't *exactly* store your music to the cloud.  (You wouldn't want to, if you've got tens of gigabytes of music; it would take hours, or days, to copy up to the cloud).  Instead, it makes a list of your music, and, if the music is available on iTunes, it does the same thing that it would have done if you had bought the music from iTunes: it makes it available for download from iTunes to all y our devices.  If you have music that is NOT available on iTunes, it copies that music to cloud storage, and you can download it to all your devices.  It sometimes makes mistakes when it tries to "match" the music in your collection to the music in iTunes, which, for some people, has had the result of wiping out mismatched music.

Backup and sync are totally different.  You would choose sync options to copy music, calendar entries, etc. from your PC to the phone.  Once they're on the phone, they'll be backed up to iCloud.  But you'd still want to keep syncing.  For example, if you made a calendar entry on your PC, you'd want it to sync to the phone next time you sync'd.  Similarly, if you add songs to your music collection on your PC, you'll want to add those songs to the phone (which will add them to your iCloud collection) next time you sync.

You can always go to the iTunes store on the PC and download an app directly from the iTunes store onto the PC.  Then, you'd sync the PC with your phone to copy the app to the phone.  I'm not sure what you mean by "I can't find an option in iTunes to download it via the computer".  What happens when you go to the iTunes store and find the app in the store?  If you can't download it, it's probably because the iTunes store thinks it's already on the PC.  Try deleting it from the PC (under Library/Apps in iTunes) and then re-download it.

Your iPhone photo stream backs up the last 30 days of photos you took on your devices.  That's "Camera roll".  Your non camera-roll photos are being backed up to the PC when you sync.  camera roll photos older than 30 days are not being backed up to the cloud.  But, you can select them on the phone (you can select multiple photos at once) and then choose "Share" to email them to yourself.

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abdb469Author Commented:
>>Your app data gets stored in iCloud.  If you restore the phone from iCloud, you'll restore your apps and data.
App data yes, but not apps.  Not sure if that's correct as you cannot store apps in iCloud.

>>You would choose sync options to copy music, calendar entries, etc. from your PC to the phone

That's not completely true.  You may have also downloaded content direct to the iphone or added new contacts, notes or dates but also want this sync'd to your computer.

>Your iPhone photo stream backs up the last 30 days of photos you took on your devices.
I dont believe this is true either - where is this information contained?  I just spoke to Apple and they said it stores it permanently but there is a limit of (one person said 1000 photos and another on the phone said 1,500).
I stand by my answer. I said your app DATA is backed up to iCloud and if you restore from iCloud you'll restore your apps and data.  The apps won't be restored FROM iCloud, but theyll be restored WHEN you restore from iCloud, from either your iTunes library or from the app store.   .

And yes, second answer is also "completely true".  Syncing copies music from pc to iPhone. For music downloaded from iTunes store directly to the phone, it also copies that music to the PC (but not music NOT downloaded from iTunes store) but that has nothing to do with your question and was outside the scope of my answer, which was correct.

With the third item, again you're not reading carefully. I didn't say it would only store photos for thirty days.  Once they're in the cloud, it'll store them forever. I said it would copy your last thirty days of photos.  When you backup to iCloud the first time, it won't back up photos you took more than 30 days previously. But, once backed up, the photos are there to stay.
abdb469Author Commented:
ok thx.
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