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Formatting dates in XSL

I am currently transforming XML into an HTML table using XSL.

The XML file is a collection of 'Roads' - which I am rendering out to a table.

XML: http://sandbox5.project4.net/date/roads_locs.xml
XSL: http://sandbox5.project4.net/date/roads.xsl
HTML Output: http://sandbox5.project4.net/date/default.asp

You may note in the XSL that I have a couple of date properties for each <road> element, these are <observed> and <updated>

The format for these dates is <observed>mm/dd/yyyy h:m:s PM or PM</observed>

Question: What options are available using XSL to format these dates differently?
1 Solution
Here is a good date format function.  It's a few years old, but works.  


There might be newer built in methods, but I haven't used XSL in a while.
sonic1234Author Commented:
Thanks, looks like the smartest method might be to simply create a number of different formatted date items in the XML rather than trying to format it using XSL

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