Is There A Way To Get The FULL Webpage Snapshot Capture In Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-Bit When The Webpage Itself Is Larger Than The Web Browser's Visual Screen Area Resulting In A Scroll Bar?

Hello. I have a question to ask you. This is regarding Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit operating system.


Is there a way to get the FULL webpage snapshot capture when the web browser window fits within the size of the desktop/monitor screen and the webpage itself is larger than the web browser' s visual screen area resulting in a scroll bar?

Okay, you may be asking what web browser are we talking about here? Answer: Linux Ubuntu's default web browser Mozilla Firefox latest version to date (v.11.0) and Google Chrome web browser latest version (v.18.0).

If this requires the use of separate program(s) (even a web browser add-on) which it seems it may, then please provide me the program name and the webpage (preferably the author's home website for the program). Please make sure there are 'good' instructions for installation procedures. Let me know if it is available on the Ubuntu Software Center, and if not; where the reliable and reputable program/program package is available for download or online instructions for manual installation through Terminal using apt-get or alike.

Please reply.

Thank you!
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OHUPEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may try "pdfit" addon for firefox. Whole page to PNG file snaphot is possible and visible area to PNG as well.
Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have had two different add-ons that did that and Firefox disabled both of them!  I don't know of any others at this time.  Oops, looks like this one was re-enabled.   There are instructions on that page.
aldumestaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To take snapshopt of a site and prepare it for print you can use this website
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Sharon SethCommented:
Try printing the web page to a PDF
Pierre FrançoisConnect With a Mentor Senior consultantCommented:
More simple: hit "ctrl-minus" once or more in Firefox to zoom out and take the snapshot then.
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ DaveBaldwin, aldumestani, sharonseth, pfrancois, & OHUPE:

Hello. Nice to meet aldumestani and OHUPE! Nice to see you again Davebaldwin, sharonseth, and pfrancois.

Thank you for all your comments.

I will go through each one of your comments individually.

> DaveBaldwin:

Your answer truly sounds to be a great feature function to add to Firefox. The only issue is that I just upgrade last night my Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit to v.12.04 LTS and my Firefox went from v.11.0  to v.12.0 and I the fact that Firefox was just released; this add-on you recommend does not work even as you have noted yourself. From what I have read on this add-ons “Changelog”, the latest Firefox version to date that your recommended add-ons works with is Firefox v.5. Yes, the author/developer has some work to do!!! I figure why should I downgrade that many version of Firefox to date just to have this add-on be compatible. However, from what I have read, it appears to be a good solid and fully featured and functional add-on program for Firefox. Therefore I am awarding you 50 points for your comment, I most I give for a good answer that does not work, but is meant to work relative to the responses and conditions to the question/thread. I am sure ('maybe?') in time, when Mozilla slows this constant upgrading of its web browser, then maybe the authors/developers will have time to catch up.    

> aldumestani:

You have provided me a workable answer that uses an online service to convert a webpage to a PDF file. The only issue is that sometimes during the conversion process, the webpage would hang and nothing would happen after waiting 5 or more minutes. I would assume the process should of completed by then? It is possible that too sophisticated webpages may be an issue for this online service. I also selected the website and clicked on the “Convert” button and nothing would happen. I assume the online service was hung, but I still had the ability to change settings without any issues.  I am going to award you 50 points for your comment like I did with DaveBaldwin for an online service that is an answer that has some issues. I do not know why?

> sharonseth:

I appreciate your simple response, but please share with me how? I do not readily see any way to do that with the native built-in functions and features with say, the default browser Firefox in Linux Ubuntu to 'print page as PDF'? I would of thought you may of provided me some more explanation in your comment. I cannot award points since I see no follow through on your comment. Sorry.

> pfrancois:

Actually, your comment is the simplest and easiest comment for an answer. It works! I like it!!! However, regardless of file format I select, if the webpage is very large in that it is 'long' (far extended off the screen), then we have issues on the resulting image resolution whether it JPG by taking a snapshot or any other image file format. If is the webpage is 'slightly' off the screen, your simple and easy solution works wonders! I am awarding your answer and comment 150 points. It works, but has limitations as I have mentioned.


Your answer for this PDF, PNG, or JPG based add-on program for Firefox as I have read online and tested with my Firefox from your weblink; it works best! I am able to create the resulting output as a JPG, PNG (best raster resolution of the two), or PDF file format of my choice.  From the few webpage tests I have performed with this PDF,  PNG, or JPG based add-on program, it works flawlessly! Rather simple and easy to use as well. The resolution is very good regardless of the file format in relation to the webpage's size. Thank you very much!!! You will receive the Accepted Solution and 250 points. Also to note, it DIDinstall in my Firefox v.12 too! This is a little gem!!!

Thank you all for your help!!!
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Mozilla (and Chrome) are not going to stop "this constant upgrading of its web browser".  I think the other browsers are going to start updating quicker also.  Even IE maybe.

And as we have discussed elsewhere, you won't be able to 'downgrade' on Ubuntu without a complete install of an old version.
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