Get paypal payments

Hi, I would like to get payments via PayPal. The ideal solution would be,

1. My customers go to my website
2. Click pay
3. Enter credit card details and payment amount with reference number
4. Pay.

How can this be done with PayPal? I am good with PHP and Javascript if they are necessary.

Thanks guys
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John EastonConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
If you log on to PayPal you can create a button (  If you use a Buy Now button the price is optional and PayPal asks them to enter the amount at time of payment.  You can also add a text field on your button for the payment reference.

While I haven't actually done this, as I understand your process would be as follows:

1. Customers go to your website
2. Customer enters reference number, and then clicks pay
3. On PayPal page customer enters credit card details and payment amount
4. Customer clicks pay
Why don't you use PayPals Shopping cart?
udara22Author Commented:
Not really. I just want people to pay any amount with a reference number? Something else other than the standard BuyNow butotn and the Add to Cart butotn?
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Are your users purchasing or making a donation to you? If they are purchasing what are they purchasing.  If they are making a donation, PayPal has a donation button too.
udara22Author Commented:
They are purchasing my courses and the prices are vary. Not a donation.
udara22Author Commented:
Thanks JEaston. Is it possible to use php and get the customer to enter credit card details, reference and payment amount without directing them to PayPal website at all? Like do you know a WordPress plugin or a Joomla Plugin or maybe just pure php script that does the job?
John EastonDirectorCommented:
I think for this you would need to use the Website Payments Pro service from PayPal or another merchant.  Although you would then have to meet the PCI DSS requirements.  This is the payment card industry standard for how you hold card details, security etc.  See for more information.

You would also have to pay a monthly fee for this service from PayPal.  The service is aimed at medium sized business with transactions exceeding £50k per year.
udara22Author Commented:
Ok. Thanks JEaston. I might just use a buy now button with a reference field in it.

Thanks for you help.
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