Software to detect unauthorised network software

Posted on 2012-04-12
Last Modified: 2013-12-06
I am looking for recommendations for software asset management tools.  Mainly I am wanting this tool to be able to give me a list of software that is installed on all network computers grouped by the workstations so as to identify unauthorized software.

An example would be where users have managed to install a non standard internet browser.

I have looked around and there doesn't seem to be too much information apart from a mountain of advertising from GFI.

Am wanting to hear peoples experiences with certain software as well as recommendations.
Question by:J-J-G
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I am after a network wide solution.  Preferably one that does not require an agent to be on the workstations
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here's a simpler way :

strComputer = "."
strKey = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\"
strEntry1a = "DisplayName"
strEntry1b = "QuietDisplayName"
strEntry2 = "InstallDate"
strEntry3 = "VersionMajor"
strEntry4 = "VersionMinor"
strEntry5 = "EstimatedSize"
Set objReg = GetObject("winmgmts://" & strComputer & _
objReg.EnumKey HKLM, strKey, arrSubkeys
WScript.Echo "Installed Applications" & VbCrLf
For Each strSubkey In arrSubkeys
  intRet1 = objReg.GetStringValue(HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
   strEntry1a, strValue1)
  If intRet1 <> 0 Then
    objReg.GetStringValue HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
     strEntry1b, strValue1
  End If
  If strValue1 <> "" Then
    WScript.Echo VbCrLf & "Display Name: " & strValue1
  End If
  objReg.GetStringValue HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
   strEntry2, strValue2
  If strValue2 <> "" Then
    WScript.Echo "Install Date: " & strValue2
  End If
  objReg.GetDWORDValue HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
   strEntry3, intValue3
  objReg.GetDWORDValue HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
   strEntry4, intValue4
  If intValue3 <> "" Then
     WScript.Echo "Version: " & intValue3 & "." & intValue4
  End If
  objReg.GetDWORDValue HKLM, strKey & strSubkey, _
   strEntry5, intValue5
  If intValue5 <> "" Then
    WScript.Echo "Estimated Size: " & Round(intValue5/1024, 3) & " megabytes"
  End If

save the code as software.vbs and run this in dos:

cscript //nologo software.vns > softwarelist.txt
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by:Khandakar Ashfaqur Rahman
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Spiceworks could meet your requirement:

Author Comment

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Some of the suggestions look good.  I am however after something individual and not with a service desk etc (other unused features).

I am surprised I cant seem to find something that does this even for Enterprises by Symantec or some other endpoint security companies.
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by:Khandakar Ashfaqur Rahman
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Spiceworks doesn't indicate that you should be with Helpdesk.It has  "Helpdesk" and "Community" option to contact with Spiceworks  Helpdesk or community if any support/help required.If you click on "inventory" tab you'll see the following options:

1. Devices
2 .Network Map
3. Software
4. people
5. Purchases
6. Cloud Services

If you want to see individual device then click on 'Devices'
Workstation softwaresIf you want to see software informations click on software:
I think Spiceworks has the feature that you want.

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ID: 37841978
the script which I have provided doesn't need helpdesk can be run by admin rights required and no software installation...

Author Comment

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wshark83 - Will the script have to be done for every computer or will it search the network for a computer given the "."

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at the moment it only works on one computer but can easily be modified to search for all computers on the would need to feed it a list of computer names...

here's an example which outputs the data to excel file:

download inventory2 (save it as .vbs rather than txt)

and run it as cscript //nologo inventory2.vbs inventory.xls in dos

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