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I have a login page where the login button has a hover image... and on a slow connection it takes time to display the hover image when someone moves mouse over it.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with the image preload.

Following code shows  the login button and css code snippet... Thank you for looking into it.
<div class="btn-login">
                            <p class="orange"><a href="forgot-pass.asp" class="orange">Forgot Password</a></p>

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.btn-login{padding:25px 0 0 0px;}
.btn-login button{width:90px!important; height:26px; border:0px!important;float:left; background:none; background:url(../images/btn-login.png) left top no-repeat;}
.btn-login button:hover{width:90px!important; height:26px; border:0px!important;float:left; background:none; background:url(../images/btn-login-hove.png) left top no-repeat;}
.btn-login p{font-size:11px;padding-bottom:20px; float:left; padding-top:3px;}

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use javascript's onload function:

function preload()
 Image = new Image();
 Image.src = "myimage.jpg";

<body onLoad="javascript:preload()">
AanvikAuthor Commented:
thank you.. Can you please use the above 2 images and provide the solution...
something like the following?

function preload()
 Image = new Image();
 Image.src = "../images/btn-login.png";

 Image1 = new Image();
 Image1.src = "../images/btn-login-hove.png";

<!-- hide from none JavaScript Browsers 
function preload() 
Image1= new Image(125,50)  //change to correct width,height
Image1.src = ""

Image2 = new Image(125,50) //change to correct width,height
Image2.src = ""
// End Hiding -->

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<body onLoad="javascript:preload()">

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AanvikAuthor Commented:
Sorry... Its not working... it;s still behaving the same loading image on hover...
Is your server using ssl certificates?

if yes, then this will never work.

Otherwise, go to browser, tools,  internet options, Advanced, then make sure that "Empty Temporary Internet Folders..." is not enabled.

The codes you are given works even better than caching and if it isn't working, then you have server issues.

You can also try using jquery:

function preload(arrayOfImages) { 
        $('<img/>')[0].src = this; 
        // Alternatively you could use: 
        // (new Image()).src = this; 
// Usage: 

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Atique AnsariCommented:
Try this code.

the way to get around this problem ENTIRELY is to base64 encode those images into the css file using data URLs.
AanvikAuthor Commented:
It worked. I only moved this code just below the <body> tag without using onload function.
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