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In the attached spreadsheet and in the Fund Template worksheet, I require cell C60 (AM size) to display the word "Big", if the respective value in cell C54 (asset manager) is =>40,000, "Medium" if =>10,000 but less than 40,000 or or "Small" if <10,000 respectively.

Note these are formatted for European billions so the contents of this cell will be written as 1,000 for 1 billion.  There should be no displaying of #N/A please for when the worksheet is first opened i.e. waiting for input into Cell C54.

Finally cell C56 (the Fund Credit Limit ceiling) should show one of the corresponding limit values in the (temporary) table next to it wherby if C60 is BIG, MEDIUM or SMALL AND the parent group rating (C56) falls under one of the three category ratings shown in G42, H42 and I42, then it displays that limit.

Please note I will delete the table so pls dont reference the table - I have listed the rating scale for ease.

I hope the second question is a clear, please let me know if you need further clarification.  Again please no #N/A if data is yet to be input into the spreadsheet.

Many thanks.
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here's the C60 Formula



Thanks, that works.  Do you want to have a go at the other one.  I know it looks a bit long winded in my explanation, but conceptually its not too much to think about.

I'm not sure I understand the goal.

cell C56 (the Fund Credit Limit ceiling)


the parent group rating (C56)

confuses me.
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Ok let me close this question and award points and I have explained it more clearly (I hope) in the following questions.


That was not required.  Simply stating that C66 is the credit fund limit  and not C56 is all the clarification I needed.


That's ok - you get double the points if you reply to both!



Scriptadict - I got an email saying you replied, but no MSG?

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