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I have an page that displays a grid. For each record an image is shown based on the current status of the record. The status is a field in the table the grid is built from. I want the alternate text to display for the image based on the current status. So I have 10 status possibilities, 1-10. I want the text to change based on the status. 1 is open, 2 is working, 3 is returned, on down the line. What is the best way to do this?
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nishant joshiConnect With a Mentor Technology Development ConsultantCommented:
you can write code for alt text in grid using eval(<%= ....%>) and create your own logic
dodgerfanAuthor Commented:
Well, this:
AlternateText='<%# Eval("StatusID") %>'

shows the number associated with the record for status. How can I get it to show the text associated with the number if the text does not exist as part of the datasource? Is there an example out there of doing that?
dodgerfanAuthor Commented:
got it, thanks.
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