How to pull fax number using adLDAP

I have the code below and for some reason I am unable to pull the fax number. I keep getting Undefined index: fax. i know this is working because I tried sn and it gives me the last name of the user.

$username = $row['login'];
$userinfo = $adldap->user()->info($username, array("*"));
$efax = $userinfo[0]["fax"][0]; 
$telephone = $userinfo[0]["telephone"][0]; 
echo $efax;
echo $telephone;

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Mike KlineCommented:
maximus81Author Commented:
Got the same error with facsimileTelephoneNumber.
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
The two available locations for a fax number:


Try all lower case.
maximus81Author Commented:
It was because it wasn't all lowercase. Its working now. Thanks
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