Can I restore tape backups on backup exec if original server is gone?

Hi Guys

If I have a server running Backup Exec with a Tape drive and i destroy that server and connect the same tape drive and connect it to a new server with backup exec (same version), would I be able to recover the data I backed up?
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didnthaveanameConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this out.  Not as good as a KB but it does have a Symantec employee telling you that what you would like to do can be done.

Let me know if you need/want an actually KB from Symantec and I will try to find one once i get home.
Yes you will need to re-inventory and catalog the tapes.  After the catalog completes you will be able to restore.
indsupportAuthor Commented:
Is there any documentation for this? I need to make sure :)
I am sure i have some give me a moment and let me see what i can find :)
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