Need to run a elipse java program as a batch job

I have created and compiled a program in eclipse. I need to take that run it as a batch job every night.
Where I can see the java run time statement with the classpath etc so that I add that in the batch file for the program to run.
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momi_sabagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no plugin needed
just export and then runnable jar file
what is the project type you are using?
easiest way:
in eclipse choose file->export
then choose runnable jar
give it a name and in the last screen choose the option to include all necessary libraries in the jar

this will produce a single jar that contains all the required classes (no classpath is needed)
in your batch job you run

java -jar your_jar_name.jar
newone2011Author Commented:
thanks, I will try and let you know.
newone2011Author Commented:
It does not give me an option to export it as runnable jar, just jar and the jar I generate does not contain other libs bundled. Do you know, if there is a plugin i need to get for eclipse. I am using eclipse 3.2.1
newone2011Author Commented:
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