Dear Experts,

I have to create a hitcounter in ASP.NET and C#.  The project request is that I create a HitCounter class that counts the number of hits to a Web page and stores the results in a database. Use a private data member to store the number of hits and include public set and get member functions to access the private counter member variable.  Save the project in a folder named Hit Counter in you Projects folder for Chapter 10.  

Please provide an valuable documentation for this particular project!  The information that got from the experts help me tremendously.  I was able to complete the project on my own.  The transcription was another though. lol  Thanks.  This is homework!
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Unfortunately, this is school work. I don't mind doing it but you have to put in some work and here is a link with all that you u would need to make it work for you.

assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
I have begun the project on my own.  I am using this website to get started but it does not have the private data members, set, and get statements that I need. It is simple and easy to understand.  


I will attach what I have accomplished so far.  Thanks for the respones - expert!
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
This is what I have accomplished so far.  Please check out this file! I could not upload one or two files.  There were a few files that I did not upload yet.
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assaultkittyAuthor Commented:

Looked at this website - does not use a database, get or set methods
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:

this website does not use a database, get or set methods.
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
He gave you the same links I gave you!

Don't expect anyone to write the codes for you.

You are in school to learn.
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
I did not ask you to write the code for me!  I have told you that it is homework.  I explain why the links was not good for this project.
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
Do your job and explain and assist!  At no time did I ask for the code.
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