CFEclipse Configuration Issue

I'm a ColdFusion newbie who's trying to set up CFEclipse and ColdFusion on my machine. I'm going through this tutorial:

and when I get to the step of opening index.cfm in the "Browser View" tab (Figure 11), I get "webpage cannot be found".

I don't think CFEclipse is properly pointing to my local ColdFusion server but I haven't yet been able to find the settings to confirm this.
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(I didn't read the whole thing, but bear in mind that article's 5+ years old. So some things may have changed)

Did you verify your CF server installation was working properly before installing eclipse? In other words are you sure it's a CFEclipse problem.   Also what's your version of:

- CF Server (8, 9, 9.0.1, ...)
- Web server (Built in webserver, IIS, apache, ..)
- CFEclipse and Eclipse
       * Check help > about eclipse platform & installation details (CFEclipse)
opikeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.

CF Server version 9,0,0,251028 64 bit
Apache 2.2
Eclipse Indigo Server Release 2
CFEclipse version 1.4.4
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

I'm able to bring up the CF Server admin interface @
opikeAuthor Commented:
I noticed there are some default examples under

What URL would I use to access these examples through the browser?
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opikeAuthor Commented:
It looks like according to the server mappings:

I should be able to use http://localhost/gateway

but that is giving me a 404 "page not found" so there is something with my CF Server and/or Apache configuration that is not right.
I'm able to bring up the CF Server admin interface @

Ok, that confirms CF is working.  What's the location of your project directory?  If it's in a non-web accessible directory that could explain the error.

       * Select the project > click properties > (Location)
agx is  correct the gateway dir is not browseable as it's outside of the webroot. It's for Event Gateways (an advanced cf feature) the mapping tells cf where to find the files it needs to process arriving events

Remember that CF mappings are -not- the same as a webserver mapping

You should be browsing to a web accessible dir.

ie: localhost/myProject or

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hah - now that's funny agx - mentioning something you edited out while i was writing and won't make any sense now... :)
Also fwiw - I've never been able to get the internal browser to work well using Eclipse 3.5 & cfeclipse. In fact a lot of the browser features don't work properly in my set up. ie: the "open in external browser" buttons don't work either.

I just use external browsers (FF. IE, SaF & CHr)

alt-tab is where it's at
mentioning something you edited out while i was writing and won't make any sense now... :)

Nah, everybody will assume you're a genius with psychic powers.  I'm just too slow today. I didn't see opike's screen shot until after I posted .. which made my last response sound like I was daft or couldn't read ;-) I was about to add a correction, then you responded and EE locked me out :) Oh well, time for more coffee ..

ie: the "open in external browser" buttons don't work either.

Yeah, I remember having that problem on one installation. Not sure how I fixed it, maybe adding/removing the CFE nature or updating the browser paths.  Fortunately it works perfectly on my current machine 3.5 / Win7 (TG).
opikeAuthor Commented:
"What's the location of your project directory?  If it's in a non-web accessible directory that could explain the error."

My project directory is outside of the apache directory structure so I'll try moving it under htdocs/.

I also noticed that CF placed a cfdocs/ directory under htdocs. There's a getting_started folder under cfdocs/ that looks like it contains a sample app but I can figure out where the top level link is.

It's part of the overall CF documentation. The root is "dochome.htm"

        ie http://localhost/cfdocs/dochome.htm
opikeAuthor Commented:
From dochome.htm can I get to the files in cfdocs/getting_started?
I don't know.  Truthfully it's been a lot of years since I looked at the cfdoc examples :)  In old versions there used to be working examples you could run directly from the docs by clicking on a link.  But that was some time ago.  I don't know if that's still true for newer versions.  Most pages in the docs just have code samples you can copy and paste into a .cfm file and run. They use the sample databases listed in the cf admin (cfartgallery, cfbookclub, etc...) .
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