cant find cookie

there is a cookie that shows on firefox, but when go to windows path cant find it


please help
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Run5kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's important to remember that Firefox stores cookies in a different place and format than Internet Explorer does.  Here is a Mozilla Wiki that describes where they are stored:

Since they are stored much differently than Internet Explorer cookies, you would need some type of software utility or Firefox add-on to view them, similar to the following:
can you try to cleanup by ccleaner and then check..
goodluck11Author Commented:
nothing, doesnt work
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goodluck11Author Commented:
we see the cookie being created, how can we access the content or get to it ?
use Advaced system care for ultimate care for your PC, firefox cookies can be found under the options
goodluck11Author Commented:
Thanks, then if that is the case,  how is it possible when accessing cookies from code (asp, etc) you dont specific the location of the cookie ?

How does the programs knows which location to look at ?

strUsername = Request.Cookies("UserName")
To be honest, your follow-up question is entering a realm that is well beyond my area of expertise and is only somewhat related to the original question.  It may be a good idea to start an entirely separate Experts Exchange question aimed at web gurus (ASP, etc.)
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