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Hi all,

On Sharepoint I want to create a form that is opened in IE only and not Info Path and once filled the user presses submit and this form is sent as an attachment to a particular person.  The form should have an upload of an attachment too.

How can I proceed, the attached is a sample that I did?
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FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use SharePoint designer to create a workflow that would email the desired user upon adding a new item.

In that email, you can pull values from the item, as well as provide a link to the item.  Attaching documents to the email will prove more difficult, but I'd argue you want them coming back to SharePoint to get the item anyway!
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Casscar we're not seeing an attachment.
casscarAuthor Commented:
Sorry as attached, pls change extension from txt to xsn
casscarAuthor Commented:
Thanks :)Thanks
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