backup ost on a network share

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Hi to all of you ,
I need urgently to find a solution to backup Outlook ost files on a network share Even on an online storage service provider.
CAn you please provide me you suggestions and tell me your experience ?
I need to deploy this on 20 clients/ laptops.

thank you
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why do you require to backup ost files?
Its better to backup the Exchange database, because the *.ost files only have an offline copy of the user's data.
If you delete the *.ost file, it should be automatically recreated by Outlook downloading the Data from the exchange database.
As said.. no one backup OST file. we only backup PST file or exchange database.
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There is no need to backup ost files, it is a cache of your Exchange mailbox that need to be backed up


I was not clear :
we had a problem importing messages into mailboxes and now these messages aer stored only on the OST and not on the exchange database, I have another question open here.
So we have don't want to risk and we would like to backup ost for the time beeing we find a solution on our problem.
thank you
You need to create a logoff script and set it to copy the file to a network share.
Here is an example:

@echo off
set backupcmd=xcopy /c /d /e /h /r /y

echo Backing up OST settings...
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ Outlook\*.*" "UNC path to your share"

Here are some help full links:
* To Assign the script to the users:
* Information about OST files:
If you copy .ost file on an other computer, you will not be able to read it in Outlook ! You will need an external product to convert .ost to .pst


ok you are there, do you know anything or did you test something ?

Sorry I am not clear.
Only the OWNER of the .ost file can open the .ost file and he needs to be the OWNER of the Exchange mailbox (and to have a current connexion to the AD)
I never try that, but I already study to open .ost another domain, and we don't succeed (it was a need for a migration)
Of course you can use an external tool to read ost. There are a lot of tools on Internet, backup pst/ost tools, repair pst/ost tools or online services that are able to do the job


There are a lot of tools on Internet, backup pst/ost tools, repair pst/ost tools or online services that are able to do the job

can you please reccomend one
The better tool to recover .pst file if Outlook Advanced Repair, so I can recommend Advanced Exchange Recovery to manage .ost file from the same editor
WE are now working with Safepstbackup Enterprise and it maches our needs.
Thank you


this is the obnly software that allows to backup ost online

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