RDP name and Hostname

I have some computers that I access through RDP.
They gave me the names of the computer to access through RDP
for instance when I open RDP an type Xcomputer  click OK then authenticate then I am able to login to the machine.
When I go and verify the name of the computer I find that it is not Xcomputer it is Ycomputer.
I wonder how did they make that happen, I mean use one name on the RDP window to login then findout that the hostname is completely different than what is typed in the RDP window.
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Maybe you have stale DNS cache on your machine.

ipconfig /flushdns
It can be due to the wrong DNS entries....
if this is done specifically then they are using Alias name (also name as cname) in DNS.
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may be some one put static entry in to DNS to Ycomputer name to xcomputer IP address, and this is configured with static IP address.
Try an nslookup.

<computer name>
there might be Alias entry on the DNS for the YCOmputer point to Xcomputer.
This means that the entry in DNS for XComputer is pointing to YComputer.

This could be done through DNS alias entry or Host 'A' entry pointing to YComputer IP.

This could also be done due to NLB configured for Terminal Services. Like One Computer Name that is XComputer is the user display name but at the back-end can connect to many machines.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
I run:
 Nslookup  -q=all Ycomputer

to retrieve all dns records related to Ycomputer , but didnt see anyhing about Xcomputer
You should try this,

nslookup xcomputer

this should point to ycomputer.

If this is not the case then then it can be a NLB/cluster.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
I can not RDP to it now as I used , they might have removed the CNAME record from DNS,
I cannot verify it.
You should still be able to RDC to the machine using an IP address.
Yes, you are right that they have removed the xcomputer name entry.

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