Outlook running on two computers - Out of sync

I have two laptops, both running Outlook 2003.  We have an inhouse Exchange 2003 server.  Both mailboxes are running in cached mode, and both are online with the server and say "All folders are up to date."  However, this morning, I permanently deleted about 8 emails on one of my laptops.  However, the other laptop still shows these emails in my mailbox.  I also "read" a few other un-read emails on the same laptop, but the other laptop that still shows the deleted emails shows these emails as un-read.  I went to Outlook Web Access (OWA) and checked to see if the emails were deleted and un-read in there, but OWA also shows the emails that I deleted and still shows the read messages as un-read.

Is there anyway to force outlook to do some sort of syncronization with the mail server?  I am still getting new emails on both computers just fine, and if I send an email from one computer, the other shows it being sent.  So this seems to prove they are really both online and connected to Exchange.  I could just delete the 8 deleted emails on the computer that shows them still there, but I would rather exchange sort it out.  Any ideas?
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If you delete an email and then press send / receive on the 2nd one.  Does the 2nd one show the email was deleted?
jbobstAuthor Commented:
No, I have done a send/receive on both computers a bunch of times this morning.  I have closed down outlook, re-opened it, and those emails never go away on the other computer.
does it work both ways?  i.e. if you go to the 2nd computer and delete a file.  does it show as deleted on the 1st pc?
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I'd try taking the 2nd one out of cached mode ensure it works and then put it back in cached mode and test again.
jbobstAuthor Commented:
It doesn't work both ways, and in fact, at this point, if I delete an email from either computer, the other computer shows the email deleted after a few seconds.  So, everything is working fine at this point, except that one computer where I originally deleted the 8 emails show them deleted, but the other one does not.

On the laptop that shows the files deleted (and where in fact I did delete them), I took it out of cached mode.  When outlook restarted the emails were back in existence.  When I then put it back into cached mode, the emails were gone.
Ok.  If you take it out of cached mode and the emails show up, that shows me that the emails have not been deleted from the exchange server.  My guess is that if you log into OWA those emails will be there as well.  I am beginning to think that the computer where you deleted the 8 emails originally has gotten corrupt.  Can you take that one out of cached mode and then back in?  possibly rebuild an outlook profile on it?

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Seems like the changes being made on the laptop where you deleted the emails have not been sent back to the server. I would test by deleting some emails via OWA and seeing if that syncs back to either laptop. Then recreate the OST on both and see if that helps.
You can also remove cached mode, delete some emails and see if they reflect on the other one.
You can also try compacting your OST.
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