IP Helper for Avaya ERS 5000 series switch

I am trying to find a way to enable IP helper or similar command on an Avaya ERS 5000 series switch.  I have 4 vlans on the switch and am trying to use a Windows DHCP server to service them.  I'm used to Cisco and HP switches but cannot seem to find how to put the IP Helper command in.  I see a DHCP relay but it's asking for an agent and such so I don't think I'm looking in the right spot.
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If your using device manager you can go to IP Routing > DHCP. AgentAddr is the IP interface on the ers switch for the vlan in question and the server address is the ip of the dhcp server. Enable it and choose the mode. You also have to go to VLANs, click on the vlan, and click IP on the bottom bar. Click the DHCP Tab and put a check in the enable box and choose which mode.
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•config vlan 107 ip dhcp-relay enable
•config vlan 107 ip dhcp-relay create-fwd-path server
•config vlan 107 ip dhcp-relay enable-fwd-path server

These commands will enable DHCP relay on the VLAN, and forward all DHCP requests to
getzieAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  I'll have a chance to check tomorrow when I'm onsite.
getzieAuthor Commented:
Thanks JonahJJB - I finally got in and it works just fine this way.  The CLI input is different than the one referenced.  The syntax I get is:
ip dhcp-relay fwd-path <vlan interface iP> <DHCP-Server>
would you put a line in your config for each vlan?
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