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Recently we had to retire one of our exchange 2010 servers and replace it with another one.  As soon as we did this a large number of users started getting prompted for login credentials.  What I discovered was that their outlook anywhere setting was enabled and auto configured when the account was set up on their machine.  We can't turn this off at the server level because we have a large number of laptop users that need this feature when they are on the road.  I tried to disable it though GP but couldn't get it to work.  Is there somewhere else I can tell Exchange or Outlook to not auto configure our client computers?
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AnuroopsunddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just remove the
autodiscover.yourdomain.com record from DNS and clients will not autodiscover
adml_shakeAuthor Commented:
Is there anyway I can just turn off Outlook Anywhere other than on the exchange server?
Not from the outlook as this is configured on the server side.
So if you just remove "autodiscover.yourdomain.com" entry from the DNS server then clients will not able to find the autodiscovery server..
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