Device allow viewing the real ip camera from anywhere without real ip!!!

My friend can view his ip camera from anywhere in the world, without real ip on his camera using a device.
How can I do that?
what is this device?
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I use a motorola router that supports dyndns so if my ISP changes my at-home IP address, I can still find the router using the dyndns name of my account.

Then on the router, I redirect the incoming port I've chosen for outside world, say 8500 to inside port 80 and to the IP of the camera in my LAN.

Then you can access your camera directly with another computer using

http://mydyndnsname:8500  and it will end up being redirected to your IP address by dyndns, and then directed to your camera's IP address using the port 8500 translated internally to port 80.

This way you don't have to know your actual public IP address (which could change if the ISP decides to change it) and you won't be using port 80 to a home camera (often discouraged by ISPs, they don't like home users running anything that looks like an http or ftp server, so are okay with it, but some aren't. Using a non-standard port like 8500 and redirecting it and changing it on the fly through your router works well. And you can have several cameras, each with a different outside port number but sharing the port 80 inside your network since the router does the redirection to the right LAN IP based on the incoming port being used.

Does your router allow you to redirect incoming packets based on port number (which is normal) but ALSO changing the internal port used? Also, does it support dynamic IP address reporting?

For about $10, ignoring the VOIP feature, this one will do both port changing and dyndns

Followup -- if you want a nice B/G/N router that actually works at 300 kbps take a look at one from the macmall seller on ebay. I have 3 of these NetIS, two as APs and one serving as a Client for a segment of my LAN.  They allow ports to be changed for incoming port to a different LAN port and IP address.

The router supports WiFi access b/g/n if you want to use it that way.

For the router function from the WAN port to internal LAN ports:
Port Forwarding:
Internal Host IP Address: This is an IP address with which the internal host could use the virtual server. (A Camera IP address for example)
External Port :  Enter an extranet port number (like 8085 which will be redirected)
Internal Port:         Enter an intranet port number (like 80 for the camera itself)

The NetIS also works nicely as a Wireless N client for a computer that doesn't have N.
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