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Remote Desktop, nothing redirects back

JasonSMasseyEE used Ask the Experts™
Using RDP nothing maps back.  Meaning Sound, Printers or Hard drives.
1)      Everything was working yesterday.  Once connected there is sound, redirected printers and redirected local hard drives
2)      Nothing changed, that I know of
3)      Server is 08r2 (I have 40+ servers and I have this issue on only 2 of them)
4)      The client OS is irrelevant, every client on the platform has the issue.  From XP to 7.  When they connect to other servers it works
5)      The server settings under host configuration is NOT checked to disable those things
6)      On the client side printers, drives, clipboard, redirect sound is all selected.  (Like I side it worked yesterday)
7)      It is not a domain GPO because it is only on 2 servers out of 40+
8)      I checked GPRESULT and saw nothing in there about blocking redirection of everything
9)      I looked in the event viewer and have not found anything yet. Not sure where to look
10)      I edited the RDP client in notepad and made sure “redirectprinters:i:1” “redirectposdevices:i:1”
11)      Tested the same client settings on another servers and the printers, sound and drives all work
12)      I tried \\tsclient and it comes up blank, no error
13)      Rebooted the 2 servers
14)      Tried logging in as local admins, users and domain admins to no avail
15)      The Sound Icon on the remote desktop has no X on it.  About the sound not redirecting… PLEASE don’t ask me to check volume levels and so on ¿
16)      Because nothing redirects it has to be one thing that will make it all work again right?  
17)      All the servers are the same and all windows firewalls are off, same I mean windows updates and enterprise Symantec antivirus
18)      It is my opinion that because nothing redirects it is not a .net or a printer driver or any other thing that can keep printers from redirecting.  It has to be something that affects all 3.

Please help me from going crazy
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Here is the ACL for the UmRdpService services

C:\Users\ryan>sc sdshow UmRdpService

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What OS are the servers running? And here's an MS article that may help... it's helped me more than a few times when redirects did not quite work as they were supposed to:


Server2008R2 SP1, and it is not just the printers, nothing maps back.   And it is not the clients, I tried that anyway and no go.  Sound, Drives and Printers show up and all my servers but 2 of them, the back things it is the main 2.


The reason for selecting this reason is because it worked