RAID 5, 6, and 10

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If I use RAID 5, 6, or 10

AND I used Write back

Would that be of equal or less performance than RAID 0 with Write Back

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It depends.   Until the cache is saturated, it will be the same.  Once the cache is full, then by definition RAID5/6/10 must be slower, because it has to do extra I/O to write the parity.  So more I/O, the longer it will take.
I agree with dlethe.  It depends.  If you're writing to disk very infrequently, small amounts of data, they might all be about the same.  If you're really pounding on the array, 5/6/10 have to do more work, more write operations going on.  That's somewhat mitigated if the controller is dividing up the "work" intelligently and doing parallel I/O to the drives as much as possible.  There are various benchmarks that can make any of those 0/5/6/10 look good or bad but in the end it depends on your specific application, the speed of your controller and drives, etc.
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Is this what is considered an academic excersize?
Or are you implementing something and are considering the mentioned configurations?
Is the storage of data temporary where data loss is not an issue (raid 0)?

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